Citipointe fallout: ‘Confused, disappointed & gutted’ – a cry for leadership

Citipointe fallout: ‘Confused, disappointed & gutted’ – a cry for leadership

"I’m glad someone stood up for Christian values." - Rebecca Fischer, former Citipointe Christian College student.

It wouldn’t have mattered how nuanced or careful Citipointe Christian College was with its Christian policies, all hell was always going to break loose.

This is a challenge for every Christian school, church, charity and institution that wishes to remain faithful to Christian teaching on marriage, sexuality and gender.

Since the legal de-gendering of marriage in 2017, an emboldened and often taxpayer-funded rainbow political activist movement stands ready to crush dissent to its LGBTIQA+ orthodoxy.

It has the enthusiastic backing of mainstream media, weak politicians and academia.

I wrote yesterday that Citipointe’s intent was good, but execution not so. And I say that carefully as someone who often gets nuance and execution wrong, despite my best intentions.

I received an email in response from Rebecca Fischer, a former student of the College. She kindly and courageously offered me permission to use her name.

I think she speaks for many Christians who today are feeling let down by their leaders and those who wear a Christian badge in politics.

I am alumni of Citipointe. I’m glad someone stood up for Christian values, even our own so called Christian prime minister (Scott Morrison) threw us under the bus.

You said they were on their own in the war shooting a pistol surrounded by bazookas.

But if they waited to have a group of Christian schools to support, it would take years. Not many schools make a stand for their values.

What do we fight for anymore? I’m ready to give up! I don’t see what’s worth to fight for anymore as our own prime minister and Lord Mayor (Adrian Schrinner) don’t even take a stand and they are Christian - so what’s the point?

We get so-called good people into positions of power but when they are there they cave and don’t stand up for truth.

Confused! Disappointed! Gutted!

I rang and spoke to her. She’s fine but like me, deeply concerned about what the events of this week mean. Like me, she's not giving up. But it's hard.

Hundreds of thousands of faithful Christians are feeling like sheep without a shepherd.

If Christian leaders will not stand in public for the truth about gender, marriage and family, we are in dark times.

No Christian wants to beat up on children with same-sex attraction or who are confused about their gender – that is the lie of those framing the media narrative.

Christian schools do not and don’t want the power to expel kids or sack teachers because they experience same-sex attraction or confusion about their gender.

The Human Rights Law Alliance comments today in a brilliant blog that kids have become a Trojan horse for an assault on Christian doctrine.

Every faithful Christian wants to uphold God’s revealed plan for human flourishing for marriage, family and what it means to be a human creature in his image.

But powerful elites who hold the high ground in media, politics and academia reject Christian sexual ethics, the heterosexual family led by a faithful monogamous couple and the Christian and scientific truth of gender.

Those elites raged against Citipointe Christian College this week. The rage has intimidated and confused faithful Christians throughout the nation. Leaders are hiding.

In the years leading up to the same-sex marriage campaign, Christian leaders were urged to join the public discussion about the consequences of changing the legal definition of marriage.

The overwhelming majority chose sustained silence.

That silence has continued this week as Citipointe has been left wounded on the battlefield, hung out to dry, as the HRLA says.

The principal, pastor Brian Mulheran, stood down today.

The rainbow political activists and their friends occupying the cultural high ground taste blood in the water.

They will not stop until every Christian school and even churches themselves compromise. Silence will not buy us immunity.

This is a day for courage and action.

The reality is that most mainstream Australians would support a principal saying no to a boy wearing a dress to the school formal.

They are tolerant of Christian schools upholding Christian doctrine on sexuality. No one is forced to attend a Christian or a Muslim school whose values differ from rainbow ideology.

Understood properly, the LGBTIQA+ agenda for children does not pass the pub test.

Christian ethics are being unfairly demonised and silence in the public square is not helping.

It is not just former students of Citipointe Christian College crying out for leadership, God’s people everywhere are confused, disappointed and gutted.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communication for the Christian Democratic Party. He graduated from a Christian school and his four children attended Christian schools. To keep in touch with Lyle's political commentary, sign up here