I Kid You Not

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I Kid You Not

'I Kid You Not' Book Cover

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What's in the book?

Lyle Shelton takes readers on a rare behind-the-scenes tour of culture wars.

“I Kid You Not”, is because the Left has gotten away with things most Australians would find incredible, if only they knew. 

Before #MeToo, Shelton fought the legalised sexual abuse of young women.

On human rights for the unborn, his revelations of politicians turning a blind eye to the evil of eugenics is shocking.

He details the bombing of the Australian Christian Lobby’s office and its poor handling by the Australian Federal Police.

Chapters on “Safe Schools” and the 2017 marriage plebiscite are a sad tale of what could have been.

Shelton ends with a compelling call for good people to rise and pay the price for a better future.

Published by Connor Court Publishing, Paperback, 250 pages, ISBN: 9781925826951


About the author, Lyle Shelton

Lyle Shelton served the Australian Christian Lobby for 10 years, five as managing director.

Over 20 years he has been a keen participant in Australia’s culture wars first as an elected member of the Toowoomba City Council through to his time as a Queensland Senate candidate with Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives.

During the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite he was a director and spokesperson for the No campaign’s Coalition for Marriage.

Lyle has written for The Australian, The Courier-Mail, The ABC online, The Spectator online and has been a regular media commentator. He has appeared on Sky News, the ABC’s Q&A, Channel 7’s Sunrise, ABC News Breakfast and Channel 10’s The Project.

Lyle lives in Sydney with his wife Wendy. They have four adult children.


Full Chapter List

Chapter Page number
Foreword by Jim Wallace AM 7
Preface 11
1. Bombed 19
2. Jobs for the girls 35
3. Hef and Hervey 47
4. Entertaining men 61
5. Drink it Freddie, drink it 75
6. Blood on our Medicare cards 101
7. Death wish 117
8. Forgiveness and reconciliation 133
9. Unsafe schools 143
10. The fight of our lives 153
11. The enemy within 175
12. Lost in the mail 193
13. Climate of fear 213
14. Successful failure 227
15. Where to from here? 233
Appendix 1 - Speech to the National Press Club of Australia, same-sex marriage 248
Appendix 2 - Testimony to the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee, Toowoomba sewage water recycling for drinking plebiscite 255
Acknowledgements 263
Index 265

What others are saying

"Lyle Shelton is a Christian warrior whose tales from the frontlines of the culture wars will set your hair on fire." – Miranda Devine, columnist for the New York Post and the Daily Telegraph.

"Fewer people fight the culture wars as bravely and as passionately as Lyle Shelton." – Rowan Dean, Editor of the Spectator Australia and host of Outsiders on Sky News.

"We have forgotten that throughout history truth always has to be fought for." - Jim Wallace AM, Chairman, Australian Christian Lobby

"These 'behind the scenes' insights into Lyle's daily toils bring back many memories of working alongside him, but also compel me to better fulfil my own Christian duties.  I am confident that you, the reader, will fee the same." - Martyn Iles, Managing Director, Australia Christian Lobby