A better way for Australia

History will record that this was Australia's lost decade.

It's time to return to our roots and rebuild Australia.

Our social crisis has seen us lose freedom of speech, family re-defined and human dignity trashed.

Our economic crisis is in energy uncertainty and unaffordability along with unsustainable debt.

The remedy is policy based on conservative principles of stronger families, smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and a return to civil society.

That's why I've joined Australian Conservatives, to continue the fight and bring common sense back to Canberra.

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    Our last best hope - my Kenmore address

    Yesterday Joanna Lindgren, one of my Senate running mates, and I addressed a gathering of 70 Conservative Party supporters at the Kenmore Hotel in Brisbane. We spoke of why Australia needs a better way and how genuine Conservatives in the Senate can be a force for good. Here is The Brisbane Times' coverage of our speeches. You can read the full text of my address below.
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    Qld Conservative #8 - Making sense of St Kilda, Greens threaten economy & why pill testing is dangerous

    Senator Fraser Anning has called for a return to a European only or white Australia immigration policy. This is wrong. Sadly necessary efforts to call out African gang violence in Victoria have become confused. The Greens were at it again last week, proposing to make it illegal to mine thermal coal in Queensland's Galillee Basin. Calls to test pills (aka dangerous drugs) will only make young people think illegal drugs can be safe.
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