A better way for Australia

History will record that this was Australia's lost decade.

It's time to return to our roots and rebuild Australia.

Our social crisis has seen us lose freedom of speech, family re-defined and human dignity trashed.

Our economic crisis is in energy uncertainty and unaffordability along with unsustainable debt.

The remedy is policy based on conservative principles of stronger families, smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and a return to civil society.

That's why I've joined Australian Conservatives, to continue the fight and bring common sense back to Canberra.

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    Threatening their power might be the only way to keep ours on

    It's eight days since the LNP declared its policy was for a "future beyond coal". The continued confusing messages and big talk and no action from well-intentioned Coalition politicians has prompted me to release this statement. We simply have to get common sense back into the energy debate.
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    Dear LNP, please don't abandon coal

    It's day seven since the LNP declared it was looking for a "future beyond coal". Meanwhile, tensions over coal within the Coalition in Canberra are rising. The Conservative Party is keeping up the pressure because abandoning coal means higher electricity prices, unreliable electricity and Queensland jobs moving off shore. Here's our latest media release.
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