A better way for Australia

History will record that this was Australia's lost decade.

It's time to return to our roots and rebuild Australia.

Our social crisis has seen us lose freedom of speech, family re-defined and human dignity trashed.

Our economic crisis is in energy uncertainty and unaffordability along with unsustainable debt.

The remedy is policy based on conservative principles of stronger families, smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility and a return to civil society.

That's why I've joined Australian Conservatives, to continue the fight and bring common sense back to Canberra.

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    Qld Conservative #12 - Weakening our borders, whites persecuted in South Africa, property rights under the gun & anti-coal lawfare

    This week on the Queensland Conservative Show I look at the weakening of our borders, the violent persecution of non-blacks in South Africa, I speak to a former State of Origin great about the trashing of farmers' property rights and I examine the potential impact of a NSW court decision to ban a coal mine because of carbon dioxide fears.
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    Qld Conservative #11 Why the banks failed, misplaced compassion & how we led the US in killing babies

    Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalism, had some sage advice for civilising free markets. If only the banks had listened. Kerryn Phelp's bill to allow doctors into the refugee decision-making process is misplaced compassion. And finally, who would have thought Australia would lead the US in legalising the grisly practice of late-term abortion.
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