Australia is the greatest nation on earth. And Queensland is the greatest state in the federation.

But we face a social and economic crisis unprecedented since our settlement.

Freedom of speech and religion has been diminished in law through the failure of a “conservative” government to protect them when same-sex marriage became law. With transgender ideology now being pushed on our children, the essential ingredients of a free and sustainable democracy have been undermined and need to be re-built.

Despite some of the world’s most abundant fossil fuel and nuclear resources, we are now paying some of the world’s highest electricity prices. It makes no sense. The major political parties cannot explain how the energy lost through the climate ideology-driven closure of coal-fired power stations can be replaced.

Australian Conservatives believe that government should get out of the way and provide the contractual and environmental certainty for private enterprise to build the most cost-effective energy generation capacity necessary to deliver affordable base-load power.

As we head to three quarters of a trillion dollars in government debt, Australian Conservatives believes government spending must be reigned-in.

Our social and economic crisis cannot be solved through by the major parties. And it certainly can’t be solved by anti-family and freedom cross-bench Senators who seek to extract billions of dollars from government through political deal-making.

Our nation needs principled Australian Conservatives on the Senate cross bench who can stop the Coalition’s drift to the Left and help shape policy for the conservative values needed to remedy these crises.