My principles are:

Limited Government

A state that seeks to provide all things for its people will drain initiative from its citizens and undermine the legitimate authority of other social institutions.

The rightful functions of government are to guarantee individual freedom, property rights, internal order, a strong national defence, and the administration of justice.

I support the division of responsibilities between state and federal governments as prescribed in Australia’s constitution as the best means of preventing the concentration of power.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is central to the idea of a free society.

I believe that each individual is morally responsible for, and should bear responsibility for their actions.

I recognise that the most effective form of government is self-government which requires the development in each person of the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and charity.

Free Enterprise

The allocation of resources through voluntary agreement between individuals and businesses is the most productive and efficient supplier of human needs and is the economic system most compatible with a free society.

In recognising that living generations are stewards of the riches, both natural and cultural, material and spiritual, I acknowledge that the logic of market relations does not exhaust the common good.

Stronger Families

I recognise the importance of the natural family as the best possible institution for the nurturing and development of future generations and its role as the foundation of society.

What is best for our families is best for society and I support stronger families by acknowledging the complementary but different roles that Mothers and Fathers play in raising their children.

Civil Society

The values, customs, conventions, and norms of the Judeo-Christian tradition are the foundation for western culture and provide the appropriate framework to inform and guide a free society. Without adherence to these enduring structures and an associated rejection of moral relativism, society induces its decay.