Trial finishes, ordeal not over

Trial finishes, ordeal not over

My trial for alleged vilification and “hate speech” in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal finished yesterday after three days of hearings.

I wish I could say my almost three-year legal ordeal was now over.

Further written submissions by lawyers for the two LGBTIQA+ drag queens who are suing me will be made in late February followed by responses from my lawyers in early March.

The presiding QCAT Member will then consider his decision.

Thanks to the generous gifts of supporters like you, I was privileged to be represented by a first-rate legal team assembled by the Human Rights Law Alliance.

The trial team was led by Tony Morris KC, counsel assisting was barrister Simon Fisher and my solicitor was Thomas Grover of the HRLA.

In my opinion, they did a brilliant job and I felt well-defended. I can’t say how grateful I am for the work they did and for the supporters like you who enabled them.

On Tuesday I spent two-and-a-half-hours on the witness stand being cross-examined by Greg Barns SC for the drag queens.

I had never been to a trial before and I hope I never have to go again.

More importantly, I hope no Australian is ever dragged through a process like this again.

Sadly, though, until politicians have the will and courage to change flawed and weaponised anti-discrimination laws, my case is most likely just the beginning.

Woke activists are emboldened by the 2017 same-sex marriage victory and are pushing new frontiers, as they said they would.

There has never been a more important time for mainstream Australians to be engaged in politics, because politics is engaging us and our children.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying. I felt the peace of God over the three days on trial and I know that was because of your prayers.

While there is a generous pro-bono component offered, I would love to see my lawyers fully compensated for their work.

And while generous funding by supporters like you has enabled me to get to trial, a legal defence of this magnitude does not come cheap.

If you would like to contribute to outstanding and on-going legal costs, you can donate here.

If you have already done so, my sincerest thanks.

I will let you know once a decision is handed down, hopefully before Easter.

Thank you again and God bless.