Drag queen free speech case finally goes to court

Drag queen free speech case finally goes to court

After almost three years and substantial legal fees, my fight for free speech goes to court.

It’s also your fight because if I am cancelled, so are you.

Three days of hearings from November 28-30 have been scheduled in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal in the case of Dwayne Hill and Johnny Valkyrie versus Lyle Shelton.

My legal team at the Human Rights Law Alliance has assembled a first-rate team of barristers and experts to fight my case.

This team is now busy preparing reports, submissions and documents in preparation for my trial.

Trial preparation is important, and I could use your continuing help. Your donation will help my legal team and experts to run the best case possible.

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The backstory is this. In early 2020, two drag queens sued me for “vilification”.

My alleged crime was to write a blog that highlighted that these drag queens were promoting genderfluid ideology to children and that they were “dangerous role models” after they appeared at a drag queen story time event for children at a Brisbane City Council library.

The drag queens made a complaint to the Queensland Human Rights Commission alleging that my post was vilification because it incited hatred, severe ridicule and serious contempt towards them.

In late 2020, I was dragged before the Queensland Human Rights Commission for compulsory mediation.

I declined to back down because I believe what I wrote was an important warning about exposing children to the harms of genderfluid and sexualised ideology.

Valkyrie was a woman presenting to impressionable children as a man while Hill was a man dressed as a woman and a proud public proponent of the adult entertainment industry.

Mediation presented a good opportunity for dialogue with the drag queens, but that discussion would have been much better voluntarily at a café or office – not by compulsion in a Commission. This is how disagreements over public policy should be settled, not through court cases about hurt feelings.

I bear them no ill will; it is the normalisation of Drag Queen Story Time and its inherent danger to children that concerns me.

The failure of mediation in the QHRC led to the escalation of the case to QCAT where the drag queens lodged demands for me to:

  • Delete several of my blogs posts warning of the harms of LGBTIQA+ drag queens reading to children;
  • Publicly apologise;
  • Provide$20,000 in compensation to the drag queens.

Again, I declined. The legal process, which under Australia’s regime of flawed anti-discrimination laws is part of the punishment for free speech, dragged on for another 12 months.

My legal costs have been covered by generous fellow citizens through crowd funding. If you donated, thank you.

The drag queens’ lawyers, the LGBTI Legal Service, receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the pockets of taxpayers.

My lawyers from the brilliant Human Rights Law Alliance receive no government money.

No Australian should have to go through what I have. The law must be changed to stop this nonsense.

UK woman Kiera Bell is a victim of genderfluid ideology, which influenced her as a young girl to think that she was a man and caused irreversible damage to her body.

Kiera now deeply regrets her decision and has detransitioned and wishes that someone had warned her.

Kiera will be appearing at my trial in support of me along with several key witnesses who will support your and my freedom to speak about the dangers of genderfluid ideology.

The recent shutting of London’s Tavistock children’s gender clinic, which prescribed Bell puberty blockers at 16, further illustrates the need for debate about exposing children to rainbow ideology.

It’s not me that is on trial this November. It is free speech.

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