End gender-fluid ideology at school

End gender-fluid ideology in schools

Children should be free to be the boy or girl they are. Confusing them with LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid ideology puts them on a pathway to irreversible harm from puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery.

Gender-fluid programs are supposed to be banned in NSW schools but they keep coming back. "Wear it Purple Day" and "Pride" events are held even in primary schools, promoting harmful queer theory to children. Principals in NSW schools have even been told to override parents' wishes. Now the Morrison Government has spent $7 million on a new gender fluid and radical LGBTIQA+ sexual indoctrination program for children called "The Good Society" (it's worse than "Safe Schools"). It's time to push back. Sign the petition today. The Christian Democratic Party will table the signatures of NSW residents in the Parliament, right where Education Minister Sarah Mitchell sits. People from other states are welcome to sign - all our voices count! Our PM needs to stop "The Good Society" and we'll make sure he too gets your message.

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