No rainbow flags on government buildings

No rainbow flags on government buildings

Dear Mr Morrison,

Flags for radical woke causes have no place on taxpayer-funded buildings at home or abroad. Pictured is the politicisation of our High Commission in London, Australia House, by High Commissioner George Brandis.

The rainbow flag demands:

  • Children be indoctrinated into harmful genderfluid ideology.
  • Puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and sex change surgery be available for children.
  • Mothers be described as “birth parents”.
  • Breast feeding be described as “chest feeding”.
  • Biological men and boys compete in women and girls’ sports.
  • Biological men be eligible for “woman of the year” events.
  • Children intentionally be denied the love of their mother or father to satisfy the lifestyle demands of adults in same-sex relationships.
  • Restrictions on free speech and freedom of religion.

The flag under which these radical ideas fly should not be flown on government buildings. Mr Morrison, please take it down and direct that only the Australian flag be flown. Thankyou!

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