Tell the Libs and Nats they have lost your vote

Tell the Libs and Nats they have lost your vote

The Liberals and the Nationals don’t fight for life.

In 2019, abortion-to-birth was delivered with the active help of the Liberal-National government. Now it looks like we are about to get euthanasia on their watch.

Libs and Nats often court the pro-life, pro-family vote at elections. But once sitting on the parliamentary leather, too many of their people help the radical left achieve its agenda.

As euthanasia radicals hit the media arguing for doctor assisted killing, team blue and team green are missing in action.

Liberal and Nationals silence means people only hear one side of the debate.

Sure, they have been granted a conscience vote.

Some will even make fine speeches in Parliament opposing euthanasia. But nothing is achieved by waiting until five minutes to midnight. That’s why we always lose.

Large numbers of Liberals and all of the Nats, bar one, will join with most of Labor and all of the Greens to vote for doctor assisted suicide.

In 2019, Liberals and Nationals worked with the radical left to bring in abortion-to-birth laws. Now many are helping with a euthanasia push that will result in the wrongful deaths of elderly, sick and vulnerable people.

The Nationals especially have become the party of death.

The Liberals and the Nationals can’t be trusted to fight for life, family and faith. They don’t have the will or courage.

Send them a message. Tell them that at the next election, they won’t be getting your first preference vote. It’s the only message they understand. Sign the petition today.

Dear Liberals and Nationals, too many of your people support and vote for pro-death policies like abortion-to-birth and now euthanasia. You will not be getting my first preference vote at the next election.

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