A new beginning

A new beginning

Yesterday it was announced that an election will be held for the Christian Democratic Party’s board.  Nominations for board positions will be open until October 12.

This election is about the future of the Christian Democratic Party.

Who can secure a future for the CDP?

Who can build on Rev Nile’s legacy and take the party into the future?

Australia needs a political party that will be a strong Christian voice in our parliaments.

And Christians need candidates they can vote for.

Candidates who will stand up for issues about faith, life and family.

With the right leadership, the CDP could bring that hope to millions of Christians all over Australia.

This is a chance for the CDP to begin again with a clean slate.

It is time to move on from and repent of the in-fighting, factionalism and constant lawsuits.

It’s time to elect a board that has the experience and wisdom to usher in a new era for the Christian Democratic Party.

Which brings me to an important request...

If you are a party member, please join me in praying that God would raise up men and women of character who can guide and govern our party.

Pray that God would provide a board that has the experience, wisdom and godly character to build a movement that all Christians can be proud of.

And finally...

If you are not yet a member of the party, I want to encourage you to join today.

If you are a Christian, you live in Australia and you want to play your part in writing a new chapter for the Christian Democratic Party, then you need to join today.

The only way you can vote for a new beginning for the CDP is by being a member.

So please join today.

By God’s grace and through your support, I am confident we can be a strong Christian voice in our nation’s parliaments.