Bad vibe about restricting farmers’ property rights

Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle would be appalled.

Queensland Labor is doing what socialists do and that is take away property rights. And they do it without paying for it. That is theft.

Every Australian should be worried.

No one, especially farmers who rely on the land for their livelihood, wants to harm the environment.

But the Vegetation Management laws to be debated this week will – get this - criminalise farmers for clearing even re-growth.

How can you maintain productive capacity under a regime like this? How can you make a living feeding and clothing Australians?

Using emotional language about the reef and farmers bulldozing football fields of trees plays out well in the hipster coffee shops of West End.

No farmer in his or her right mind lets their topsoil flow into the ocean.

No farmer wants to see de-forestation.

According to the farm lobby group Agforce, just 0.23 percent of land was cleared in 2015-2016 while the Queensland Government does not keep accurate figures about vegetation gains through natural growth.

In short, we don’t know what problem Labor’s law is trying to fix.

Farmers remain beholden to climate ideology and pseudo-science that plays well in the goat cheese circle.

It has always been a principle of Australian Government that if property rights are to be infringed for a public good or perceived public good then there should be compensation based on just terms.

If Labor thinks this is a just law, they are dreaming.

Darryl Kerrigan says amen.