Biden drops Hyde Amendment, forces taxpayers to fund abortions

Biden drops Hyde Amendment, forces taxpayers to fund abortions

The most anti-life President in US history?

Joe Biden has again set aside his supposed Catholic ethics – this time to allow taxpayer funding of abortion.

The US President this week dropped the Hyde Amendment which banned the use of government money to kill unborn children.

The Hyde Amendment, first passed in 1976, had enjoyed bipartisan support until now.

Here in Australia our compulsory Medicare Levy has meant that even those who object to the killing of unborn babies are forced to pay for it.

Biden is bringing America into line with Australia, sadly.

The CDP opposes abortion because it takes the life of an unborn child and causes harm to women.

NSW recently legalised abortion all the way to birth even when there is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

The Reverend Honourable Fred Nile has introduced a bill to repeal this legislation but sadly abortion-to-birth is supported by Labor, Liberal, Nationals and the Greens.

Joe Biden has cemented himself as the most anti-life President in America’s history.

I wonder if Pope Francis is regretting his tacit endorsement of him. Although, forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion was a campaign promise so the Pope should not be surprised.