Can’t define woman, lenient on child pornographers

Can’t define woman, lenient on child pornographers

Meet Joe Biden’s pick for a lifetime appointment to the US Supreme Court.

With female-identifying biological male, Lia Thomas, smashing women in Ivy League swimming meets, Joe Biden’s pick for the US Supreme Court was asked to define “woman”.

“I can’t … I’m not a biologist,” Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson told her Senate confirmation hearing in Washington DC.

Thomas’ exploits in the pool and Brown Jackson’s whacky answer to the Senate went viral, contributing further to the gradual awakening to the woke LGBTIQA+ politics being imposed on western nations.

In his 2017 Quarterly Essay entitled “Moral Panic”, gay activists and ABC personality Benjamin Law wrote that same-sex marriage “is far from the last frontier in the battle against ‘homophobia’.”

Pitting blokes like Thomas who are full twig and cherries against women in sports and judges who don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha on the Supreme Court were clearly on the horizon the likes of Law envisaged.

But it wasn’t just Brown Jackson’s confusion about biology that raised eyebrows.

Under questioning from Senators Lindsay Graham and Josh Hawley, it emerged she had imposed lenient sentences on several child pornographers, preferring the lighter end of the spectrum of sentencing regimes open to her as a judge.

“In her time on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Judge Jackson said she 'mistakingly assumed that child pornography offenders are pedophiles' and she wanted 'to understand this category of nonpedophiles who obtain child pornography',” Senator Hawley tweeted ahead of the hearings.

“On the federal bench, Judge Jackson put her troubling views into action. In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders.”

In the hearing, Senator Hawley cited the case of an 18-year-old found in possession of thousands of images of children, some as young as eight. The sentencing guidelines said he should get 24 months in prison; judge Jackson gave him three.

Left and libertarian media and Democrat Senators dismissed Hawley’s concerns arguing Brown Jackson’s sentencing practices were in step with other federal judges, which perhaps only underscores how far out of sync elites are with mainstream people.

Judge Jackson was also asked about human rights for unborn children, particularly at the late stage of pregnancy when they are viable outside their mother’s womb.

“I am not a biologist,” she said again.

The trouble is one doesn’t need to be a biologist to know that babies routinely survive premature birth, what a woman is and that child pornographers should be sentenced at the more severe end of the spectrum.

All of that requires a primary school education and a moral compass.

Could “devout” Catholic Joe Biden have nominated a more anti-Christian judge?

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