Conservatives welcome Burston split with Hanson on tax

The Conservative Party has welcomed One Nation Senator Brian Burston’s decision to split from Pauline Hanson and support the Government’s company tax cuts.

Lower taxes is a core conservative principle.

True conservatives know that lower company taxes and smaller government are better for our economy. If we are to compete with the rest of the world, we must lower our company taxes or be left behind.

Conservative voters expect conservative cross-benchers to reward the government when it does the right thing, not chop and change positions on core conservative values.

If the Conservative Party wins Senate seats at the next election, we will apply conservative principles of smaller government to tax policy – this is the distinctive difference the Conservative Party offers voters who want to take out third party insurance in the Senate.

The baked-in minor party vote in the Senate is proof voters want a cross-bench to keep the major parties honest.