Conversation closed

Taxpayer-funded university website bans free speech.

Click the “who we are” tab on the university-backed Conversation website and you will read the noble declaration: “We believe in open access and the free-flow of information”.

Not anymore.

If you have doubts about whether or not human-induced carbon dioxide is creating a climate emergency, The Conversation declares you to be “dangerous” and you “don’t deserve a place on our site”.

So brazen are our betters in the enlightened bubble of academia, this “open access” aspiration has not even been removed since this week’s dictum that anyone questioning the theory of human-induced climate change on the site will be reported, banned and locked out.

It goes without saying that a scientific article questioning climate orthodoxy would not be published but now they won’t even give a sceptic or an honest questioner the crumbs of a comment at the bottom of an article.

Editor and Executive Director of the Conversation, Misha Ketchell, blogged that the site is now closed to sceptical inquiry.

Ketchell says climate sceptics used to be tolerated at “merely frustrating” but now they must be banned.

But it’s 2019, and now we know better. Climate change deniers, and those shamelessly peddling pseudoscience and misinformation, are perpetuating ideas that will ultimately destroy the planet. As a publisher, giving them a voice on our site contributes to a stalled public discourse.
That’s why the editorial team in Australia is implementing a zero-tolerance approach to moderating climate change deniers, and sceptics. Not only will we be removing their comments, we’ll be locking their accounts.

What other topics dear to leftist ideology will also be deemed closed conversations? For dissent on what other issues will citizens be declared dangerous and denied a place?

It’s a brave new world and it is time our politicians stepped up to protect free speech.