Greens attack on Lord’s Prayer an act of cultural vandalism

Like ISIS blowing up archaeological sites on the Nineveh Plains, the Greens have laid explosive charges at the foot of one of the last remaining artefacts reminding us of what has made our nation great.

Like ISIS, the Greens hate our foundations.

So the Lord’s Prayer, which is said faithfully at the opening of Parliament each day, is again in the Greens’ sites.

Like ISIS, they are trying to destroy something of our cultural heritage that is precious.

With the help of Labor and some on the Senate cross-bench, the Greens have established a Senate inquiry aimed at wiping from our collective consciousness the idea that God is God and politicians are not.

It was always the goal of atheistic communism to dismantle two things – the natural family and Christianity.

The Liberals’ and Australia’s greatest Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies warned in his 1946 Christianity and Communism radio broadcast that we must be vigilant against Communism’s war on both.

The Communists tried really hard to destroy both using guns, tanks and gulags.

That was unpopular and people revolted after 70 bloody years. So Communism reinvented itself as cultural Marxism and identity politics and began a long march through our institutions.

The aims have not changed. The Greens and cultural elites are the new politburo.

So where are the Menzies of today?

His once great party no longer has the muscle to raise even a pinky in resistance against the old ideology.

After a campaign of fatiguing politicians and then the community, the Greens with naïve fellow travellers in Labor, the Liberals and Nationals, succeed last year in redefining the family.

No longer can one say that the ideal family is mum, dad and the kids. No longer can we say that the timeless model of family should be incentivised in public policy. That would be bigotry.

The Orwellian named Australian Human Rights Commission stands ready to punish bigots.

Now the prayer must go.

A prayer which has been said in our Parliament since the foundation of our nation more than 100 years ago is deemed “exclusive” and “archaic”.

What is exclusive and archaic about appealing to God to deliver us from evil?

Given the bloodshed of the 20thcentury at the hands of atheistic prayer-less regimes, prayer may not be such a bad thing.

And what exactly is exclusive about Jesus and his prayer?

The Jesus movement called Christianity, which is the basis of our cultural heritage, is the only religion that allows freedom of religion.

Try setting up a church or a Christian school in Saudi Arabia. You can start a church in Indonesia but you risk being bombed during Ramadan.

The Greens can’t see that the Lord’s Prayer is a prayer which acknowledges the God of our fathers and mothers.

The Greens’ worldview genuflects to the wisdom of the ancestors of every culture but our own.

The prayer was something our ancestors saw as important because they had the humility to realise that true wisdom was transcendent and that human wisdom is limited.

The world could do with less human pride and more humility.

The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer Jesus Christ taught his people to pray. It is recorded in the Bible – the source of our legal system and so much of our ethics and the book that helped make the western world.

No one is clamouring to risk their lives to get on boats to live in the countries shaped by any other religious text.

Yet everyone wants to live in the countries of the Bible and the Lord’s Prayer.

The Greens don’t want future generations to know the well-spring of so much of our freedom.

Our Universities have already been captured by anti-western hordes.

Now the Greens have laid explosives at the base of one of the remaining public reminders of our cultural heritage.

Will Labor, the Coalition and enough cross benchers help them push the detonate button?