Howard’s masterclass standing up to woke LGBTIQA+ politics

Howard’s masterclass standing up to woke LGBTIQA+ politics

That’s not insensitive, that’s just a statement of the bleeding obvious. – John Howard

John Howard, a master in the art of persuasion, gave a masterclass yesterday.

Campaigning with Warringah candidate Katherine Deves, who many in the Liberal party want dis-endorsed for her views on biology, Howard stepped up to the microphone and said what too few have had the courage to say.

“The idea that young girls should have to compete with biological males is absurd. I think most people feel this way. That’s not insensitive, that’s just a statement of the bleeding obvious," Howard said.

The intervention of our second longest serving Prime Minister and a Liberal hero should give pause for thought to the so-called “modern Liberals” who have been trying to destroy Deves.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean and federal member for North Sydney, Trent Zimmerman, had been calling for her to be dis-endorsed as a candidate.

So much for party loyalty. If conservatives behaved like this they would be expelled from the party but the “moderates” always get a leave pass.

Even Scott Morrison baulked when Deves came under fire and said the Liberals had no plans for a government bill to save women’s sports from the intrusion of biological males.

Deves has only recovered from the leftist pile-on thanks to the intervention of another former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, indigenous Country Liberal Senate candidate Jacinta Price, Sky News and now Mr Howard.

But it’s been a close-run thing as Deve’s candidacy has elevated the pressing issues of girls’ and women’s rights, the protection of children from harmful LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid ideology and freedom of speech to the centre of national debate.

Neither Labor no Liberal wanted “culture war” issues discussed but both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have been forced to answer the question “what is a woman?”

Deves was given no chance against teal “independent” Zali Steggall but now, thanks to the saturation media coverage given her as part of the left’s campaign to destroy her, polling show’s she’s in with a chance.

Commonsense lives in mainstream Australia and even if Deves falls short, woke elites have been given a black eye.

The push-back must continue because the LGBTIQA+ political movement, as opposed to our gay friends, is vehemently anti-free speech. Totalitarianism is of course harmful to democracy.

John Howard has a long track record of standing up to LGBTIQA+ politics and it’s a shame more politicians don’t follow his lead.

In 2011, as the push for same-sex marriage was gathering steam he told graduates at a liberal arts college:

“Changing the definition of marriage, which has lasted for time immemorial, is not an exercise in human rights and equality; it is an exercise in de-authorising the Judeo-Christian influence in our society, and any who pretend otherwise are deluding themselves.”

In a 2017 interview with the Australian, Howard said of the gender-fluid indoctrination program “safe schools”:

“What’s disappointed me is an issue like Safe Schools. When that emerged, it should have been hit on the head by centre-right governments at federal and state level. It should have been a simple and vigorous response.”

Hopefully Howard’s latest intervention will stiffen the spines of politicians who have been too timid to stand up the radical demands of LGBTIQA+ political activists and their champions in the media.

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