If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything

Darren Chester’s address to the National Press Club yesterday confirms the party’s ongoing drift towards radical green left social policy.

The Nationals minister is continuing to drive the party’s base away in his call to further water down its core beliefs on social issues.

The Nats used to stand for family values.  That’s what their supporters expect from them. Darren Chester has just shown how far the Nationals have drifted from their values.

This is just more of the politicly correct brigade taking over the major parties.

Where does this all end for the Nats? Do they too cave in to the never-ending demands of identity politics to impose gender fluid ideology?

Rather than focussing on trendy social issues, Australians want politicians to focus on bread and butter issues like balancing the budget, keeping the lights on, protecting our borders and sticking up for family values.