Katter boys’ fight for free speech on gender fails

Katter boys’ fight for free speech on gender fails

“This sort of malaise can only come from weak governments and politicians not doing anything about a proliferation of these ideologies…” – Robbie Katter

With little fanfare, a bill of enormous importance to truth and free speech was voted down in the Queensland Parliament last August.

Despite the passage of time, I thought it important to bring it to your attention.

Katter’s Australian Party Queensland leader Robbie Katter had moved a private member’s bill to protect the common-sense usage of terms like “boy”, “girl”, “husband”, “wife”, “man”, “woman”.

Spurred on by examples of workers being disadvantaged by woke corporate employers or university students being marked down for using biological terms in their essays, KAP moved to legislate protections.

Perhaps the team of just three parliamentarians – Robbie, Shane Knuth and Nick Dametto – were simply worried the affectionate labelling of them as the “Katter boys” would fall victim to PC madness.

But sadly, with radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology holding sway, elite overlords are now actively pressuring ordinary Queenslanders to fall into line with gender neutral language.

Under the guise of “inclusiveness”, people who use the time-honoured biological terms are excluded or cancelled. They are not tolerated.

Katter cited examples of Commonwealth Games volunteers being told to use gender neutral language, “They Day” being celebrated by Victoria Police and school principals being instructed in gender neutral uniforms, toilets and sport participation.

The KAP bill would have made it illegal for anyone to be punished at work or university for sticking to biological terminology or for maintaining facilities catering to biological diversity.

Inexplicably, the LNP joined Labor and the Greens in voting against the Anti-Discrimination (Right to use gender-specific language) Amendment Bill.

Biology-denying gender fluid ideology is sweeping the western world, with Democrat speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi recently amending the house rules to instruct lawmakers to use gender neutral terms.

Here’s how the Wall Street Journal reported the change:

The package also instructs lawmakers to honour all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender-neutral. Among specific changes, the new rules strike ‘‘himself or herself’’ and insert ‘‘themselves,” and changes “chairman” to “chair.” The rules also change familial terms to make them gender neutral, changing “uncle” and “aunt” to “parent’s sibling,” for example.

The House even concluded its opening prayer with the non-sensical word “a-woman”, instead of amen.

Sadly woke types see bigotry everywhere, regardless of facts. Amen is Latin for “so be it”.

Katter said nothing in his party’s bill was intended to prohibit the use of non-traditional gender language or the provision of facilities and services by any individual or entity, if that’s the direction they wanted to go.

But his aim was to protect organisations from being forced to install gender neutral toilets, thus potentially abolishing private spaces for biological women.

“The bill and its policy objectives are driven by the need to respond to an increasingly intolerant and hostile social environment,” the explanatory notes to the bill say.

Speaking in Parliament, Katter said:

“Ever since the debate over same-sex marriage there has been an implied blank cheque to attack many other cultural norms that exist.

“This sort of malaise can only come from weak governments and politicians not doing anything about a proliferation of these ideologies.”

Sadly weakness in the Queensland Parliament prevailed.