Killing Victoria’s BRI has chopped but one head of the CCP hydra

Killing Victoria’s BRI has chopped but one head of the CCP hydra

We should now take back the Port of Darwin, kick out the Confucius Institutes and get out of Paris.

Scott Morrison has shown genuine courage in standing up to Australia’s biggest external threat – the Chinese Communist Party.

Last night the Coalition Government announced it would tear up Victoria’s Belt and Road Initiative – an agreement with the CCP used to project soft power onto weaker nations.

BRI’s have long been identified by our intelligence agencies as a threat to national security, yet Victoria’s Daniel Andrews foolishly signed on without consulting the federal government.

While admittedly there would be an expensive break fee, the Morrison Government should now turn its attention to taking back the lease on the Port of Darwin.

A CCP-controlled company, Landbridge, has a 99 year lease on the strategic facility in our north after a foolish deal agreed by the former Northern Territory Country Liberal Party government.

While we have muscled up to the CCP on BRI debt-trap diplomacy, sadly we are falling for their other main ploy to weaken our economy through climate change policy.

While the CCP builds hundreds of coal-fired power stations at a brisk clip, our state governments are shutting ours down.

Sadly Morrison is following the weak Joe Biden’s lead in pandering to the UN’s climate agenda which requires the West to de-carbonise now while China carbonises all the way to 2060.

Surely no one seriously believes China will turn off its fossil fuels then?

Meanwhile our electricity has become amongst the most expensive in the world and our grid is now unstable.

Furthermore we continue to pour billions of taxpayers’ money into experimental technologies which may or may not be able to generate affordable and reliable baseload electricity.

The threat to our energy security, and therefore our national security, is a combination of forces from within and without.

The CCP help drive the climate agenda through the United Nations and the World Economic Forum where the dictators in Beijing are given a leave pass on de-carbonising (not to mention their appalling human rights abuses).

Within Western countries like Australia, our elites in the media, the academe and politics do the CCP’s bidding by hammering our supposed need to restructure our economy to meet a net zero emissions target by 2050.

Today Scott Morrison will be on a Zoom call with 40 world leaders hosted by Joe Biden where they will talk about “climate action”.

The CCP will also be on the call. Xi Jinping has a poker face but he and his cadres will probably be laughing on the inside as the West signs the next instalment of its long suicide note.

It’s great we’ve stood up to the external threat. But we also need to take on the enemies within. Rubbing our signature off the Paris climate agreement is a necessary next step, no matter what our local elites think.

Tearing up our universities’ CCP Confucius Institute agreements is another.

Last night saw the lopping of just one head of the CCP hydra.

We need to keep going.

One final note. The Chinese people are not our enemy. They are a fine people. The CCP is an evil regime which trashes their freedoms through an oppressive “social credit” system, persecutes Uighurs, Christians and other political dissidents and which is hell bent on expanding its territory at the expense of weaker nations.

It must be stopped.