Liberal dysfunction: Conservative Senators needed more than ever

Canberra's merry-go-round of Prime Ministers continued today. Until the real issues are dealt with, the dysfunction will continue. This is where the Conservative Party can provide hope.


Liberal dysfunction: Conservative senators needed more than ever

Conservative Party Senators are needed now more than ever given the dysfunction in the Liberal Party, according to spokesman Lyle Shelton.

“While we wish the new Prime Minister Scott Morrison well, it is clear that the replacement of a Liberal “moderate” leadership team with a “moderate” leadership team means not much has changed.

“This is the same team who under Malcolm Turnbull saw the Liberal Party embrace Green-Left policy on electricity generation, gender fluidity in the military, unsustainable debt and immigration levels that have outstripped infrastructure.

“Our nation remains captive to Paris, political correctness, and big government,” Mr Shelton said.

“There is still a desperate need to restore common sense.

“This week’s chaotic events in Canberra are driving voters towards parties like the Conservatives.

“Just as voters punished Labor for its coup culture, voters will punish the Liberals and we recommend that the safest way to send a message is to vote Conservative in the Senate.

“We don’t want to undermine the Coalition Government but we do want to influence it to make it better by offering disenchanted voters ‘club sensible’ in the Senate.”

Media contact: Lyle Shelton [email protected]