Libs must resist alarmists in their midst

The problem for the Liberals is the enemy within.

A push by a group of green-left-leaning Liberals for Scott Morrison to spend even more taxpayers’ money on unreliable and expensive renewable electricity should be rejected.

The Liberals need to stop capitulating to the demands of inner-city elites and tell the truth about the job-destroying impacts of futile “climate action”.

Policy driven by warming alarmism has already costs Australians dearly through us now paying some of the world’s highest electricity prices. It’s time to stop.

Pandering to inner-city elites instead of helping them understand the real costs to jobs and the economy of action which can make no difference to the temperature of the planet is only going to do more harm.

Liberals would do a service to the nation if they had the courage to speak the truth about the futility of doing the UN’s bidding on climate policy. Sadly, not enough of them do.