Man wins best actress at Golden Globes

Man wins best actress at Golden Globes

The LGBTIQA+ gender pantomime rolls on and its only January.

And the winner of the Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama is ……. a man.

Seriously? Yes, and its only January.

Yesterday a woman missed out on one of show business’s most prestigious awards because LGBTIQA+ politics demands that men appropriating women’s gender be eligible.

Michaela Jaé “Mj” Rodriguez was recognised for his role as housemother and nurse Blanca on the FX show “Pose.”

If a man can grow breasts, put on make-up and wear a dress that is too bad for women hoping to compete with other women.

In fairness to Hollywood, a woman identifying as a man could theoretically pip a bloke for best actor.

No doubt that will be the next barrier to be broken on the road to LGBTIQA+ “equality”.

Gender fluid ideology is of course making a mockery of the biological binary that defines men and women, boys and girls.

Women’s and girls’ sport has become a trans rights battleground with biological boys and men elbowing their way into their change rooms.

It appears the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which runs the Golden Globes, is pandering to militant LGBTIQA+ activists after the Emmy Awards failed to recognise trans brilliance.

NBC News reports:

In 2020, “Pose” co-stars Indya Moore and Angelica Ross spoke out against the Emmys for overlooking the show’s Black transgender cast in its list nominees that year.
“Something abt trans ppl not being honored on a show abt trans ppl who created a culture to honor ourselves bc the world doesn’t,” tweeted Moore, who plays Angel Evangelista, a transgender sex worker pursuing a career as a fashion model. “Let’s call it cognitive cissonance.”
Angelica Ross, who played Black trans woman Candy Ferocity on the show, retweeted Moore and spoke candidly on Instagram about the snubs at the time.
“I want you to know from the jump that these tears are not about an award or a nomination,” Ross said. “Ultimately, I need y’all to understand that I’m so tired — those of you who know me know I’m not just working on screen or behind screen but I’m working around the clock to get our society to value trans lives and Black trans lives.”

The idea that society doesn’t value black or trans lives is loaded and it is pernicious.

Thinking and humane people value all lives and don’t need identity categories to help them.

I think gender fluid ideology is harmful, especially for children, and that there needs to be a proper debate about its incursion into schools, sport, politics and culture.

Ryan Anderson, the author of When Harry Became Sally describes gender dysphoria as “deep discomfort that someone would feel as a result of a biological sex that doesn’t line up with their gender identity.”

While hated and cancelled by the radical left, Anderson is compassionate.

“You wouldn’t want to be experiencing gender dysphoria, but if you were experiencing it, you would want someone to be giving you authentic, compassionate guidance. And compassion detached from truth isn’t authentic, right? It’s a phony form of compassion, where you just say what people want to hear.”

Sadly, the Golden Globes and the gatekeepers of women’s and girls’ sports are allowing people to believe what they want about gender.

Sadly, what they believe are lies.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.