No time to shrink back - Part II

No time to shrink back - Part II

I’m still processing the events of this week. I hope you don’t mind me doing this out loud.

Conservatives like you and me feel the weight of the disastrous events in Washington DC.

I’ve largely supported the Trump policy agenda, despite my misgivings about his character.

His surprise win in 2016 was an opportunity to shake up the political establishment, to drain the swamp.

I believe this was needed but at the time wished someone other than Trump – a true statesman, please – would do it.

But that didn’t happen.

Courage to take on the swamp is rare. (Canberra certainly has a swamp or, as it is commonly called, a bubble).

In the absence of statesmen and stateswomen with sufficient courage and cut-through, Trump stepped up.

  • He took on the Chinese Communist Party and had them on the back foot.
  • He did more to promote human rights for the unborn than any other President.
  • His economic reforms helped the poor, resulting in a dramatic increase in their wages.
  • He secured the US border, as Australia has done with its.
  • He promoted free speech and pushed back on the Left’s toxic identity politics and cancel culture.
  • He got out of the United Nations’ ridiculous Paris Agreement which allows China to build coal power while weakening the West’s energy-generating capacity.
  • He reversed the managed decline of the US military.

At every turn he was opposed by Democrats and the mainstream media whose collective hair was on permanent fire for four years.

Despite this, Trump’s record is formidable and substantive.

Biden and Harris want to undo it. All of it.

I don’t believe even most Democrat voters want this. But too many voters are ignorant and are motivated by feelings, not facts. And for now, they live in comfort which blinds them from reality.

Sadly, we might need to feel pain before we wake up.

With credible allegations of electoral irregularities and illegalities un-investigated, it seems the swamp has triumphed.

The despicable actions of the Capitol Hill rioters have played into the swamp’s hands.

Under the cover of tear gas and stun grenade smoke, it seems like they are getting away with the theft of a US Presidential election.

Certainly the result is tarnished, even Mike Pence acknowledges this despite presiding over the certification of Biden and Harris as president and vice president elect.

The toxification of Trump, his supporters and the conservative policy agenda has now begun.

The Left never waste a good crisis.

Dripping with hypocrisy, they are seeking to drive a stake through the heart of vampire Trump and by extension anyone who is a true conservative.

When Leftist mobs spent much of 2020 torching cities, cracking skulls and smashing windows, the mainstream media said “peaceful protests”.

Trump’s overblown rhetoric (I don’t believe he incited violence) and the inexcusable actions of a small (by comparison to the enormous pro-Trump crowd in DC this week) number of idiots has played into the hands of the Left and now threatens to trash his legacy.

With Biden and Harris now certified as winners, the tech oligarchs have stepped up.

Trump is now permanently banned from Twitter. Parler, a Twitter alternative, has been shut down by Apple. Scores of conservatives are being kicked off Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We no longer have free speech, we have controlled speech. And our speech is controlled by tech billionaires who will only tolerate their Leftist worldview in the public square.

So much for “love” and “diversity”.

Everyone who believes in freedom of speech should be alarmed.

These oligarchs have more power than governments over free speech and they are crushing it.

Their compact with the mainstream media and the political Left to supress information is chilling.

Joe Biden’s lies about his son’s shady business dealings with the Ukrainians and the CCP is Exhibit A.

The outright dismissal of credible allegations of election irregularities and illegalities of a result-changing scale is Exhibit B.

Why should we trust them?

The potential suppression of the votes of 75 million Americans needs to be investigated.

Healing the nation Biden’s way will not work. Neither will Trump’s, for that matter.

Biden should care that the election is above reproach. If he truly believes he won fairly, he should not oppose open discussion and investigation of the allegations.

Trump should be more gracious and less dogmatic in the way he prosecutes his case. It’s now too late for that.

Nevertheless, he should attend Biden’s inauguration on January 20 and, as the great Christian statesman Franklin Graham exhorted, he should invite the Bidens and Harris’s to the White House as a gesture of goodwill.

We live in challenging times, I can’t sugar-coat it.

For those of us who are Christians, our ultimate hope is never in political leaders – as important and necessary as they are.

Every citizen should care that our leaders are people of integrity and that their policies are based on truth and justice.

In Australia Liberal National MPs George Christensen and Craig Kelly are important and courageous voices. So is NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham.

There are of course others and naming names is always fraught.

However, I’m not aware of anyone credible who is stepping up for, or is capable of, national leadership.

Cory Bernardi, through his ill-fated Australian Conservatives Party, gave it a good crack.

Let’s hope Scott Morrison can overcome the Canberra bubble. The bubble fights to maintain the politically correct status quo, advance toxic identity politics and the globalist agenda. It needs someone with a pin. And courage.

The conservative movement is going through a crisis. This is not a time to surrender. While we should always be praying, now is a good time to step this up.