NZ follows us over the abortion cliff

We can’t let this go through to the keeper.

While coronavirus dominated the news, something else that should have didn’t.

I get that we are in a global pandemic and beating it is our priority.

But last week Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government in New Zealand mimicked several Australian states in passing radical abortion-to-birth laws.

I couldn’t let this pass without comment.

Unfettered abortion for any reason enshrined in law is the left’s final triumph over the pro-life movement. So they think.

What is shocking is that as these laws have passed the various parliaments, sensible and compassionate amendments either don’t even make it to the floor of parliament or are voted down.

Last week in Wellington was no different. Sixty-nine of 120 politicians voted for baby killing and mother-wounding.

My friend Bob McCoskrie of New Zealand’s Family First compiled this shocking list of reasonable amendments which politicians said no to.

It’s hard to believe fellow humans could have so little compassion. Abortion ideology is an evil blindness. Read and weep.

* BORN ALIVE: requirement that a qualified health practitioner who performed an abortion that results in the birth of a child after an attempted abortion has a duty to provide the child with appropriate medical care and treatment, no different than the duty owed to provide medical care and treatment to any other child born. Because of international experience here, here and here, it was vital to have an express provision in the abortion legislation to reinforce this obligation.

* SEX SELECTION: explicit ban on sex selection abortions which do happen both here and and overseas

* DISABILITY: explicit ban on disability discrimination abortions

* PARENTS: parental involvement - abortion for minors treated like other health procedures. In all other health contexts, the health practitioner is required to assess the child’s capacity prior to a medical procedure and, where capacity is lacking, obtain the consent of a parent or guardian. Why can parents be deliberately excluded from this procedure?

* FOETAL PAIN: requirement for abortion procedures post-20 week to ensure that foetus does not feel pain (as per the Animal Welfare Act which requires vets to ensure that animals don't feel pain!) 

* LATE TERM: abortions post-20 weeks only for extreme circumstances

* CONSCIENCE: keeping conscientious objection standards the same as they currently are (the bill currently weakens the protections)

* REFERENDUM: a referendum so that we all get a say on this crucial issue, similar to euthanasia

Thanks Bob and all those in NZ who fought the good fight. When the public finally wake up and see through the fake news abortion will fall like a house of cards.