NZ pollies unanimous in capitulation to LGBTIQA+ ideology

NZ pollies unanimous in capitulation to LGBTIQA+ ideology

We don’t have a left-wing government, we have a left-wing Parliament. – Bob McCoskrie

Children and adults in New Zealand can now self-select the gender on their birth certificate.

In a law changed passed unanimously by the Parliament in Wellington, parental consent is not even required.

No surgery, no medical or professional counselling – just a “simple self-selecting administrative process” is all.

Welcome to our post same-sex marriage world where the new frontier in LGBTIQA+ rights is transgender radicalism.

This political movement has swept all in its wake with not one NZ politician speaking for biological truth.

“We don’t have a left-wing Government,” said the head of the Family First lobby group Bob McCoskrie.

“We have a left-wing Parliament which denies biological reality.”

Here’s how Radio New Zealand reported the vote.

Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere cried in the house as she spoke in support.

"This bill recognises that those who need to amend their birth certificate can do so, that the courts do not have the right to make that choice for them, that parents do not have that right, that cis-gender people who don't even know them or care about them do not have that right.”

Our Kiwi cousins have always been further down the woke path than us.

But the lack of courage to resist is what is most shocking.

Does no one think of the children who will go on to have breasts and genitalia cut off in the name of this toxic ideology only to regret it later? Many will suicide. Yet no politician spoke. There was just silence from the conservative opposition.

Here in Australia the Liberal and National parties’ capitulation to same-sex marriage came after relentless badgering by radical LGBTIQA+ activists and their barrackers in the media.

Resolve to hold the line on marriage was eaten away until pressure built for a plebiscite and then a conscience vote was granted in the Parliament.

But at least these parties still have some brave hold-outs.

Labor of course went all in with rainbow fascism, not only changing its policy to fall in line but also now will ruthlessly expel any member of Parliament who dissents.

Labor is also all-in with genderfluid ideology and supports taxpayer-funded sex change operations for minors.

It’s only a matter of time before the will and courage of the few remaining Coalition parliamentarians falls over.

The devastating consequences for children are one thing. The weaponisation of anti-discrimination law means debate is threatened with lawsuits.

Two drag queens are suing me to silence me. The case has dragged on for two years, I’ve been dragged before two compulsory “mediations” and have spent $70,000 on lawyers.

No end is in sight because the process is the punishment.

The drag queens get free legal aid from the LGBT Legal Service in Brisbane.

With these tactics and resources, it’s no wonder resistance to their political ideology is crumbling.

It helps explain but does not excuse the cowardice of the NZ conservative politicians.

Now more than ever, Australia needs a Christian political party. New Zealand conservatives are only a few years ahead of where our Liberals and Nationals are likely to land.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.