One Nation called out for betraying conservative principles

One Nation’s decision to side with Labor and popularist Senate cross-benchers to block the Government’s plan to reward effort through the tax system is disappointing for conservative Queenslanders.

Pauline Hanson’s move to block Scott Morrison’s legislation to flatten the tax system brings into focus the choice minor party voters have at the next federal election.

Voters are right to retain their scepticism of the major parties, but in choosing third party insurance in the Senate they should consider the principles their minor party of choice stands for.

Australian Conservatives exists to make conservative politics better after years of failure. We do this by taking a principled stand and rewarding conservative policy when it is offered.

One Nation’s position on tax has flipped and flopped all year. First they opposed the company tax cuts and now they support them.

Today they are working with Labor and the Greens to block reform what would reward aspiration.

What will their policy be tomorrow?

Australian Conservatives will pitch to voters looking for candidates who would stand for conservative principles, rather than simply articulating grievance.