Protecting children from harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology under the microscope

Protecting children from harmful LGBTIQA+ ideology under the microscope

Public hearings into Mark Latham’s bill to ban gender-fluid indoctrination of children at school begin today.

Parents’ rights for their children to be free from harmful gender-fluid ideology at school will be discussed at a New South Wales Parliamentary inquiry in Sydney today.

Upper House parliamentarian Mark Latham’s Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 is the subject of two days of public hearings of the Legislative Council’s Education Committee.

You can watch the proceedings live from 9:30am today and read the submissions here.

The One Nation MLC’s bill seeks to re-establish the primacy of parents as moral educators of their children and to ban the teaching of harmful gender fluid ideology in NSW schools.

It is no surprise that it is vigorously opposed by the same people who ran the campaign to de-gender marriage in 2017.

The Yes campaign has morphed into an organisation called “Equality Australia” with a key aim being the spread of radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid ideology in schools and early childhood education.

This of course puts children on a path towards chemical castration and surgical mutilation of breasts and genitals which many come to later regret.

The irony of Equality Australia popping up to oppose parents’ rights and plump for the indoctrination of children should not be lost on anyone.

When I and other spokespeople for the Coalition for Marriage raised the prospect of this as a consequence of de-gendering marriage, the Yes Campaign flatly denied this would happen and mocked us.

Today and tomorrow the very same culture warriors who tore down the definition of marriage will be in Macquarie Street fighting for the things they denied would be a consequence of their “marriage equality” campaign.

Are we awake yet?

Latham’s bill simply seeks to make good on the promise of the Yes campaign (now re-badged as Equality Australia) that parents would not lose their rights and that children would not be inducted into radical LGBTIQA+ concepts.

Sadly many Australians believed the Yes campaign when they said there would be no consequences beyond loving same-sex couples being allowed to get married.

If the truth had been told, perhaps we would not now be in the fight of our lives to protect children from this harmful ideology.

The next two days will be fascinating.

LGBTIQA+ activists will reprise arguments from the marriage campaign to say gender fluid ideology has to be taught to protect children’s mental health and even prevent suicide.

These are spurious emotive lines which ignore the even greater mental health and suicide rates of people who later come to regret making irreversible changes to their bodies.

Of course children confused about their gender must be supported with love and care. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the class should be indoctrinated into and ideology which teaches kids they can be something other than their biological gender.

Research ignored by political activists and incurious journalists shows that up to 90 per cent of confused children, if left alone, will be comfortable with the natal gender once they pass through puberty.

While the NSW Coalition Government banned the so-called “Safe Schools” program, gender fluid ideology continues to be taught to children, as many of the submitters to the inquiry point out.

Supporting Latham’s bill should be a no-brainer for the Berejiklian Government.

As Liberal Party Statesmen John Howard said: “What’s disappointed me is an issue like Safe Schools. When that emerged it should have been hit on the head by centre-right governments at federal and state level. It should have been a simple and vigorous response.”

Sadly it wasn’t and gender fluid ideology has spread like a coronavirus through our schools.

Supporting Latham’s bill should be a simple matter for the Berejiklian Government.