Why the SSM lobby owes a big apology to some brave mums

“No, it is not political correctness gone mad, this is reality. We have just had the biggest debate about marriage equality.” – Qld Education Minister Grace Grace

With these words the Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace yesterday belled the cat on one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the Australian people.

This is her explanation as to why the Genderbread gender fluid teaching resource first promoted by “Safe Schools” must now be available in Queensland classrooms.

But wait. During the marriage campaign when we warned every day that same-sex marriage would lead to radical LGBTIQ sex and gender education in schools, we were told we were spreading "red herrings" and "furphies".

Every day the same-sex marriage lobby, including senior Liberal Party figures like Liberal president Nick Greiner whose claims I had to rebut in television interviews, told the Australian people we were mounting a campaign of distraction and parents had nothing to fear.

This was a debate about love and nothing else. Full stop.

Fast-forward a few months and one wonders if Grace Grace did not get the memo?

Now children in Queensland schools are being taught that their gender is fluid, as per harmful gender queer theory which puts kids on a path towards puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and irreversible surgery.

A penis doesn’t mean you are a boy and a vagina doesn’t mean you are a girl. That is what the Genderbread person teaches at Mitchelton State High and other Queensland schools and that is why it was banned in NSW.

The leaders of the so-called “marriage equality” campaign owe an apology to Dr Pansy Lai, Cella White, Heidi McIvor and Marijke Rancie.

These courageous mums fronted our ads and rallies and were bullied, demonised and called liars by the love is love brigade.

Dr Lai’s registration as a medical doctor was even threatened by GetUp who auspiced a petition to have her deregistered as a medical doctor.

But it is not just Grace Grace who is moving to roll out the consequences of “marriage equality”.

Queensland Attorney General Y’Vette Darth has launched a discussion paper, which she says is as a direct result of “marriage equality”, which canvasses allowing people to change the gender on their birth certificates with or without sex change surgery.

Despite being told there were “no consequences”, the consequences are looming large.

The Australian people were hoodwinked.

Politicians, particularly Liberal and Nationals MPs and Senators, who either supported same-sex marriage or were silent, have much to answer for.

Grace Grace’s admission to Channel 9 yesterday has been a rare moment of truth in what has been a campaign of lies.

Now we are all dealing with the consequences.