Raising a glass to the killing of unborn babies

Killing flourishes when a class of people is dehumanised.

The Left love a birthday party as long as it’s not for an unwanted baby.

It’s the first birthday of Jackie Trad’s abortion-to-birth laws and she’s throwing a party.

The Queensland deputy premier has issued invitations for drinks this Friday at a swank West End bar to celebrate…. baby killing.

This is truly sick.

Many Australians remain confused about human life in the womb and still support abortion to some extent.

But public opinion is shifting.

When the New South Wales Parliament recently tried to replicate Trad’s bill, there was significant push back.

Many non-religious commentators for the first time declared themselves opposed to late-term abortion.

This is in line with community sentiment which recoils at the thought of killing fully formed babies in the womb.

We’ve all seen too many 4D colour ultrasound pics of unborn children to be fooled by the old “blob of foetal tissue” mantra which allowed abortion to get traction in the 1970s.

Trad was lucky to get her abortion-to-birth law through the Parliament one year ago.

For people like her, abortion must be available all the way to birth. To draw a line somewhere is to acknowledge the humanity of the unborn child.

Mass killing can only flourish when the people being killed are de-humanised and classed as non-persons.

Screen shots of Trad’s Facebook event were being circulated by many of us in the pro-life community last week.

As special guest, Trad has invited regular ABC panellist and Guardian Australian columnist Van Badham.

Badham is known for her foul 2013 tweets about John Howard’s mother, Tony Abbott and Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“I curse the earth beneath the c..t that spawned John Howard. I spit into the air he breathes,” she tweeted.

Of Abbott she tweeted “Yep. A c..t with all the sex appeal of a corpse’s eyehole” and of Hunt: “Greg Hunt is an insult to the word “c..t.”

But Badham says it’s okay, she has “matured” and wouldn’t do it again. But no apology. The Left never apologise.

Trad is also no stranger to deploying the C word, using it to describe Cairns MP Rob Pyne when he quit the Labor party in 2016.

Israel Folau tweets the Bible and get banned for life, but Badham enjoys her regular gigs on our ABC and a platform at Guardian Australia. Trad remains deputy premier of Queensland.

These are vulgar people getting together over drinks to celebrate the oppression of women and the death of unborn babies.

Conservatives who behaved like this would rightly face media-driven public clamour to apologise and to have their careers truncated.

But vulgarity on the Left is rewarded.

Trad identifies as Catholic. I don’t know if she goes to Mass but she should certainly be denied communion in the same way US Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden was this week for his pro-abortion policies.

Like the Democrats in the US, anyone who votes for the Australian Labor Party is voting for the de-humanisation and killing of unborn children.

All Queensland LNP parliamentarians, with the exception of Tim Nicholls, Jann Stuckey and Steve Minnikin, voted in line with their party’s policy to oppose Trad’s abortion-to-birth bill.

While Trad and Badham raise a glass this Friday night, the real winners are men who get a free pass from their responsibility to the woman they have slept with and the child they helped conceive.

Empowering ladies, empowering.