Reinstate Ridd

James Cook University should immediately reinstate sacked professor Peter Ridd.

If there’s one thing that breeds scepticism about climate change and Great Barrier Reef science, it is the continued bullying of those who dare to question it.

JCU’s claim that they are not challenging Professor Ridd’s right to question the science, just the way he has spoken publicly, rings hollow.

Let’s err on the side of free speech and free academic inquiry. If someone has said something that is wrong, don’t try and shut them down, mount a counter argument.

Some good old-fashioned debate would illuminate the public rather than silencing by sacking.

It is wrong that a scientist has to engage in expensive litigation simply for expressing a point of view.

It was a privilege to be a fellow speaker with Professor Ridd at a Freedom of Speech forum in Townsville last week organised by the Young North Queensland Conservatives.