Texas votes to protect unborn children with a heartbeat

Texas votes to protect unborn children with a heartbeat

New South Wales should follow.

Texas lawmakers voted last week to protect unborn children from being killed once a heartbeat is detected.

The human rights measure has now passed both houses of the Texas legislature.

The Christian Democratic Party is campaigning for similar laws in New South Wales where Nationals and Liberal politicians facilitated the radical left’s abortion-to-birth law in 2019.

The Texas news comes as more than 3000 people marched in Brisbane at the weekend to raise their voices for human rights for unborn children after Queensland also passed abortion-to-birth laws in 2018.

During the Texas debate, the exasperation and anger of pro-abortion politicians was on display.

“We’ve had this discussion way too many times since I’ve been here,” representative Donna Howard, a Democrat from Austin said.

“This is the worst day of the session every single session, and this stuff keeps coming up. You guys know that there have always been abortions and there always will be.”

Note to Howard: there have always been murders but we don't decriminalise that because it is hard to stop.

The sponsor of the heartbeat bill, Shelby Slawson, a Republican from Stephenville responded: “This is the best day for tens of thousands of unborn children in this state.”

Slawson later said: “For far too long, abortion has meant the end of a beating heart, but through this –– the Texas Heartbeat Act –– that beautiful melody of a beating heart will mean the protection of those innocent unborn lives in Texas.”

Typically an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected from six weeks of pregnancy but this video shows impulses from four weeks and four days.

Slawson’s bill allows private citizens to sue anyone who aids and abets an abortion.

However, a rapist who impregnates a woman would not be allowed to take such action.

Nevertheless, the bill seeks to protect the lives of unborn children conceived through rape and incest, something that is controversial.

However, it is not widely known that just one percent of abortions are for rape and 0.5 percent for incest.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted at the weekend that he will sign the heartbeat bill into law.

Around a dozen US States now have laws protecting the human rights of the unborn.

This is in stark contrast to Australia where most States now allow the killing of unborn children to birth.

Abortion activists might not like the issue coming up, but while-ever the CDP is represented in the NSW Parliament, the issue will keep coming up.