The Future Of The Christian Democratic Party

The Future Of The Christian Democratic Party

Today I am announcing that I have accepted nomination for the position of President of the Christian Democratic Party at the upcoming board elections.

The decision comes after much prayer and consultation with hundreds of party members over recent weeks.

This election is about the future of the Christian Democratic Party.

Who can secure a future for the Christian Democratic Party?

  • A future that puts an end to factionalism and infighting
  • A future where our party once again finds its bold voice and speaks out on issues of faith, life, and family
  • A future where we grow our supporter and membership base
  • A future that retains our seat in the NSW Parliament and builds on this foundation
  • A future that sees our party expand our campaign ability into other states and territories

I have dedicated my life to serve in roles bringing Christian influence to politics.

I know what it takes to build a nationwide movement of Christian activists and mobilise them for political campaigns.

This work has never been more important.

Australia needs a strong, Christian Democratic Party more than ever.

As Australia’s only Christian political party with parliamentary representation, our party has a crucial role to play alongside other rising voices for faith, life and family.

Millions of Christians have a God-given desire to see strong Christian voices serving in our parliaments.

If we can work to humbly resolve our current difficulties, I believe we can win the trust of our fellow Christians and other like-minded Australians.

Our nation’s future depends on us being able to do this.

I believe it is possible for a humbled and renewed CDP to provide the inspiration and leadership necessary to deliver Christian parliamentary representation for the common good.

Together we can build on Rev Nile’s legacy and take the Christian Democratic Party into the future.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today.

If you are a member of the Christian Democratic Party, I am asking you to use your vote at the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting to vote for the future of the CDP.

And if you are not yet a member of the party, I want to invite you to join today to help forge a bright future for our party, for our state, and for Australia.

With your support, and by God’s grace, I am committed to being part of a new, Godly and functional leadership team which can take this ministry into the future.