Turnbull’s treachery

While Australia would benefit from a daily edition of The Spectator, don’t expect the left to help.

Senator Eric Abetz said it best.

Malcolm Turnbull helping set up The Guardian Australia is a bit like Greens leader Adam Bandt setting up The Spectator Australia.

The big difference between the left and right in Australian politics is that no one from the left would ever contemplate committing such treachery to their own side of politics.

That Turnbull, whilst an endorsed Liberal member of Parliament, considered personally funding The Guardian’s on-line presence in Australia is one of the more startling revelations in his book, A Bigger Picture, to be released on Monday.

He did however step back from the brink of throwing cash at the venture but not before introducing The Guardian’s  UK editor Alan Rusbridger to Wotif founder Graeme Wood, the biggest donor to the Greens political party.

Again, to further put this in context, imagine Bandt flying to New York to ask Rupert Murdoch to fund a daily on-line version of The Spectator.

The relevant lines detailing this dance with the political devil, tapped from Turnbull’s own keyboard, are here in The Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor’s explanation of her now public political relationship with the former “conservative” Prime Minister.

Turnbull’s brokering of an Australian presence for an organ of the extreme green-left is a betrayal of the Liberal party’s core beliefs. Moreover, it is a betrayal and mockery of the grass roots members of the Liberal and National parties.

The mums and dads who pay their $110 per year, buy raffle tickets at party functions, participate in branch meetings and rock up on election day to hand out how to vote cards expect the party’s leader to be in sync with their values and aspirations.

They have been treated like useful idiots in Turnbull’s “bigger picture” for Australia.

Their vision for the nation is not for a high-taxing, big government socialist state with no coal or nuclear power industry. They don’t want their kids taught radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid theory at school. They want to be able to afford to pay their electricity bills and get ahead.

But the above are all policies the self-declared “progressive” Guardian Australia champions every day.

Sir Robert Menzies would be rolling his grave.

Anyone who has read Sir Robert’s speeches would know this.

Sadly, not enough Liberals have.

Politics has been corrupted by a political class whose only pursuit is power at the expense of the principles to which the grass roots sign up. Sadly, Malcolm Turnbull is one of many modern Australian politicians who embody this cancer of our Commonwealth.

My life’s journey has seen me cross paths with Turnbull during two plebiscites which had national significance. In both debates we were on opposite sides.

The first was the 2006 Toowoomba water debate when, as a city councillor, I helped lead the successful campaign against drinking recycled sewage water.

This was a test case for the nation.

The second was the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite where I was one of the leaders of the No campaign’s Coalition for Marriage. Turnbull won that encounter.

The pre-publicity for A Bigger Picture indicates that Turnbull has much to say on water policy and there is a chapter on same-sex marriage.

You might want to return to this blog on Monday.