Trad must explain what is “unbelievable” about her abortion-to-birth laws

Queensland's Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, has accused me of saying "unbelievable stuff" about her abortion-to-birth bill. She should explain what she means by this.


Trad must explain what is “unbelievable” about her abortion-to-birth laws


Jackie Trad needs to explain what “unbelievable stuff” Conservative Party Senate Candidate Lyle Shelton has said about her abortion-to-birth laws.

Mr Shelton was responding to a tweet issued tonight by the Deputy Premier effectively accusing him of lying about the nature of her abortion law tabled in Parliament tonight.

“Ms Trad’s allegation is very serious,” Mr Shelton said.

“It is important that political leaders are truthful, especially when talking about matters of life and death for the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Key claims about the bill Mr Shelton has made are:

  • It allows for unborn baby girls to be killed because they are girls through sex-selection abortion, a practice favoured by some ethnic groups;
  • It does not penalise men who coerce women to kill their unborn babies, like NRL “stars” Bryce Cartwright and Tim Simona did last year;
  • It allows unborn babies to be poisoned and dismembered;
  • It allows for unborn babies to be killed right to birth even when there is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

“If Jackie Trad can demonstrate that any of these statements about her bill are untrue, I will gladly apologise.

“I have submitted these questions to Ms Trad’s Abortion Law Facts website. I hope the Queensland Public Service are able to answer these questions honestly,” Mr Shelton said.

Media contact Lyle Shelton: [email protected]