White, Christian high school boys humiliated for being white, Christian and boys

White, Christian high school boys humiliated for being white, Christian and boys

Marxist class envy has never ended well.

How is this happening?

Year 11 boys were labelled “oppressors” and “privileged” and ordered to stand in a humiliating gesture in front of their classmates at a Melbourne state school.

Their crime?  They were white, male and Christian therefore representing all that is evil with Australian society.

Toxic left-wing identity politics is out of control. It is persecuting us.

The school, Parkdale Secondary College, has apologised after an uproar from parents.

The class was being conducted by a ratepayer-funded youth worker from the Kingston Youth Services.

The local mayor has also apologised.

But how on earth did local ratepayers come to fund a youth worker who would be given access to a school where she could humiliate boys for factors outside their control?

Why are the ratepayers funding the indoctrination of children into Marxist ideas?

Marxist-inflamed class envy has never ended well, yet the teaching of this is happening on the watch of the principal and local Mayor.

The radical left’s long march has been so successful that community leaders have simply become useful idiots who look like rabbits in the headlights when the programs being run by their subordinates are exposed.

The Christian Democratic Party in New South Wales, which I will be joining next week as director of campaigns and communication, has long fought the radical left’s indoctrination of children.

We will be working to make sure the year 11 boys of NSW are not treated like the boys at Parkdale Secondary School in Melbourne.

As Sydney academic Dr Stephen Chavura points out in his recent conversation with former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson’s podcast, there’s nothing wrong with teaching the failings of our past.

But Marxism distorts our failings and ignores the positives of our past. It ascribes blame to a particular class of people (in this case white Christian males) in order to divide people.

It seeks to pull down the house we are living in without proposing a replacement.

As Christians we may not have been very interested in politics, but it sure is taking an interest in us, as the incident at Parkdale Secondary College shows.

According to news.com.au the Kingston Youth Services website describes its “diversity and inclusion” program offered to schools as “suited to all students”.

All except for white, Christian boys, apparently.

“Youth Services believes that diversity and inclusion of any kind starts with a foundation of empathy and respect,” the website says.

“The Diversity and Inclusion Program explores a variety of themes around how diverse, inclusive and safe spaces can be created and with the support of Youth Services embark on a respectful discussion around a variety of topics including disability, LGBTIQA+, culture and race.”

Presumably this means ensuring children are inducted into LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid ideology.

This latest incident at a public school will continue to drive the trend to home schooling and low-fee Christian schools.

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