Will the LNP mount any resistance?

Breaking: Today's Sunday Mail reports that Labor will bring its abortion laws to the Parliament next month.

The Queensland Parliament should reject Labor deputy leader Jackie Trad’s latest push for abortion-to-birth laws.

Technology which shows the truth about the humanity of unborn babies has made more and more Queenslanders uneasy about abortion, particularly later in pregnancy.

Abortion is already widely available in Queensland. A law for open-slather abortion will only lead to even more abortions at a time when most people think abortion should be rare, not common.

If politicians wanted to constructively reform abortion law they should focus on anti-coercion measures to make it illegal for men like rugby league ‘stars’ Tim Simona and Bryce Cartwright to pressure their girlfriends into killing their babies.

The Liberal National Party must oppose Labor's plans to ban freedom to peacefully protest outside abortion facilities.

The law already bans public nuisance as we have seen this week with a ‘Christian’ pastor deported for harassing Muslim worshippers outside a Brisbane mosque.

So-called ‘safe zones’ were not needed for the police to protect Muslims.

But the freedom to peacefully protest is a principle of free societies which the LNP should uphold.