With Islamist-dominated Britain unsafe for Bibi, Morrison should bring her here

We must not let Islamic extremists win.

Reports that Britain has denied asylum to Asia Bibi for fear of upsetting local Muslim extremists is all the more reason why the Morrison Government should offer her settlement in Australia.

It is shocking that Britain appears to be appeasing its Islamist population.

Australia is well-placed to make sure Islamic extremists don’t win by offering Asia Bibi asylum here.

Asia Bibi was last week acquitted of “blasphemy” charges against Islam’s prophet Mohammad by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She had been on death row for eight years.

The verdict brought violent Islamic mobs on to the streets of Pakistan protesting the decision and calling for her murder.

We must not allow a situation to develop in Australia where local Islamists stop us offering a helping hand to someone who is under threat of death from Islamic extremists in their home country.

It is beyond comprehension that Asia Bibi is not safe in Pakistan and not safe in England.

Australia must always be a safe place for people fleeing Islamic extremism. We must not let Islamic extremism win, like it appears to have in England.

Bibi’s lawyer, Saif-ul-Mulook, has fled the country and President Imran Khan capitulated to the Islamist mobs and imposed a travel ban on Bibi, which was later overturned.

It is understood Bibi remains in Pakistan in hiding while she seeks a safe passage to a safe country.

Whether in Islamabad or London, appeasing Islamic extremists makes the world unsafe for non-Muslims everywhere.