World leaders offer more sacrifices to the climate cult

World leaders offer more sacrifices to the climate cult

The sooner we snap out of this trance, the better.

Like all cults, manipulation through fear and threat is the modus operandi.

They’re also heavy on doomsday scenarios.

Followers put their minds into neutral and with glazed eyes repeat the same mantras.

The climate cult, which now holds sway over world leaders logging in on Zoom, introduced another teenage guru to complement Greta “how dare you” Thunberg.

According to 19-year-old Xiye Bastida, we’ve only got 10 years to stop the planet’s climate falling off an irreversible cliff.

The goalposts keep shifting, the demands get more extreme, the sacrifices more onerous.

“We demand you stop fossil fuel investment and subsidies,” Bastida raged in a nine-minute sermon to the 40 world leaders, which included Australia’s Scott Morrison and energy minister Angus Taylor.

“We demand you stop environmental plunder. We demand you get to net zero by 2030, not 2050.”

At the same time, Greta was addressing a Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

"How long do you honestly believe that people in power, like you, will continue to get away with it (not doing enough on climate)?"

Despite Greta and Xiye’s tantrums, there is no sign that by 2030 the world’s biggest emitters, China and India, will have even peaked in terms of their rapidly growing emissions of carbon dioxide.

Vladimir Putin sat stony faced. Russia won’t be doing anything any time soon.

Even Joe Biden’s surprise, and probably unrealistic, commitment to cut US C02 emissions by half by 2030 will do nothing to change the temperature of the planet.

And if anyone believes the Chinese Communist Party will keep its promise to completely decarbonise by 2060, by which time our climate alarmists tell us it will be too late anyway, they believe the Uyghurs love their new digs in Xinjiang. It’s a “beautiful land”, apparently.

CCP dictator Xi Jinping must sit on these calls barely able to keep a straight face.

He’s already got a state religion and he’s god, not Gaia. That means he won’t take orders from the West’s teenage climate high priestesses.

Xi’s strengthening his economic and military might. He’s got Taiwan to re-take. He’ll do it by continuing to build coal-fired power stations fuelled with Australian coal while we are weakening our economy by closing our coal-fired power stations and installing CCP-made windmills and solar panels.

Without fossil fuels, we have no way to provide electricity to houses and industry when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

That technology might exist in the future but we should not be conducting real time experiments with our economic and national.

Current climate policy is an exercise in futility – and an expensive one at that for which working and middle class people are paying through the nose.

But yesterday saw the further integration of climate alarmism with cultural Marxism.

“We demand comprehensive, non euro-centric and intersectional climate education including literacy on climate justice, environmental racism, ancestral and indigenous wisdom, disability justice, green careers and sustainable living,” Bastida demanded.


What is Australia buying in to?

Why was Joe Biden giving a platform to these radical ideas?

The ever-pragmatic Morrison is ruling out targets and taxes, saying Australia will get to net zero by 2050 (by which time the alarmists tell us it will be too late) through technological changes.

What few people realise is that the only proven technology that could get us there is nuclear and that is banned in Australia.

The climate cult hinges on the proposition that the planet is getting catastrophically hotter because the burning of fossil fuels is pumping 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

In his latest book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says that this carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for 10,000 years.

What he doesn’t address is the fact that human-induced C02 is just three present of the naturally occurring C02 in the atmosphere, released from volcanoes and other natural sources.

As professor Ian Plimer points out in his book, Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip Off, dangerous global warming did not occur in the past when atmospheric C02 was hundreds of times higher than now.

And despite growing C02 emissions, the world has not warmed in the past two decades.

We have put our faith in a religion which requires the managed decline of our economy at a time when our enemy, the CCP, is ramping up.

We need to listen less to teenage zealots telling us the world will end by 2030 if we don’t decarbonise now.

The irony is that the more poor countries develop, the better for the health of the environment, not to mention people.

As Plimer points out, forests in India have increased by 15 million hectares since 1960.

But all we hear are doomsday scenarios which have frightened an entire generation to the point where they are demanding irrational action by their leaders.

The sooner we snap out of this trance, the better.