What people are saying about my new book

It's been encouraging to hear this. It's made me more determined to keep getting the word out.

“Great read Lyle. I was glued to it. Also alarmed, amazed and deeply concerned. I wish I knew more of what you witnessed as it happened. Thanks so much for showing what’s really going on.” – Wayne from Port Macquarie via email.

“Your book has opened a door into politics all should know about. Every Politician should get a copy.” – Albert from Logan via email.

“Just finished your book. Great read. Thanks for championing the conservative voice of Australia. Keep up the great work.” – Peter via email.


“I am in the process of reading your book and already I am shocked to the core and sickened.  I thought I was past shocking. May God use your book to open the Australian peoples’ eyes and goad the church and Christians in general into being more vocal.” - Jude via email.

“Half way through a great read – the price of public advocacy of Biblical Christianity in the community is so high. Praying for you as you forge ahead on behalf of the Silent Majority – may we all do what we need to do to remain a majority.” – Mark from Casino via email.

“I'm reading your book and it's outstanding. Congratulations mate. This is not just an engaging read, it's an incredibly important one. I'm praying it will make a deep impact on this country we both love.” – Matt from Logan via SMS

"I have had a chance to read ALL YOUR BOOK today. As a matter of fact I could not put it down." - Annie from Toowoomba via email.

"I don't how any reasonable person would not moved, motivated, or compelled by your book to action. I will probably have finished it by the end of the day." - Cameron, NSW Central Coast via SMS.

"Am just reading your book now. It is not an easy read. The evil behind many self serving decisions made in politics needs to be exposed. You do that with honest dignity. THANK YOU." - Cheryl, commenting on my Facebook page.

"Dear Lyle. My book arrived and I have read it already this weekend. Thanks for signing and also for your kind note. I can't tell you how much your courage inspires me. The book is full of actual progressive common sense solutions with the overarching theme that all people have intrinsic value." - John from Melbourne via SMS.