Children’s breasts and penises get the chop under Palaszczuk “conversion therapy” laws

Parents’ rights trampled, jail for doctors who resist.

Cutting off the breasts of schoolgirls is the next phase of the radical LGBTIQ+ political movement since it de-gendered marriage with the unwitting support of the Australian people in 2017.

Taxpayer funding for mastectomies for minors confused about their gender is being aggressively pursued by activists embedded at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital gender clinic .

Labor’s Andrews Government, which grooms children for irreversible genital and breast surgeries through compulsory gender fluid teaching at all state high schools, is likely to cough up.

The radical activist who directs the RCH’s gender clinic, Michelle Telfer, wants to cut off girls breasts even when both parents are opposed.

In Queensland, another radical left Labor administration takes its cues from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who seems more of a reluctant conscript to the radical agenda of her left faction deputy, Jackie Trad, has just allowed her health minister, Steven Miles, to introduce laws to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy”.

Apart from banning quackery of which there is no evidence of it occurring in the first place, Labor is using the new laws to also criminalise any health professional who helps a child or an adult think twice about gender conversion “therapy”.

The only legal “conversion therapy” allowed will be converting from one’s biological gender.

Like Victoria, Queensland Labor has recently announced that gender fluid teaching will be compulsory in all state high schools.

Parents with a child groomed for gender transition at school, will have no other treatment option but affirmation of the child’s desire to change.

The Health Legislation Amendment Bill makes it a crime, punishable with jail time, for a medical practitioner, a social worker or a counsellor “to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity”.

The bill’s starting point junks biology in favour of the LGBTIQ+ worldview that gender is something that is “assigned at birth” by clueless doctors.

This means that just because a baby has a penis and the parents, midwives or doctors observed this before recording “boy” on the birth certificate, it is not necessarily a boy.

“Assigned at birth” also means that just because a baby has a vagina, recording “girl” on the birth certificate is simply a presumption.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall at the Labor caucus meeting which approved Miles’ bill.

What biological and scientific basis the Trad-Palaszczuk government has used to come up with this wackiness and then to put it in legislation is anyone’s guess.

But it is no laughing matter.

If the “gay conversion therapy” law passes, which is likely in the New Year, parents with a government-confused child are left with no treatment options apart from seeing a clinician who will prescribe cross-dressing, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and then ultimately irreversible surgery rendering the child permanently infertile.

Anything which resists this pathway becomes illegal.

A competent adult who has been through gender re-assignment will not be able to access any medical help or professional counselling assistance to de-transition, should that be their wish.

That’s a freedom which will vanish.

With the suicide mortality rate massively higher 10-15 years after people have had transgender surgery, governments will be complicit in ripping away hope and driving people to their deaths.

It is highly likely that a cohort of people groomed for transition by Labor’s compulsory gender fluid programs at school will launch class actions in the future for mutilated bodies and the side effects of transitioning chemicals.

Rainbow activists spent years wearing down the public’s intuitive opposition to same-gender marriage.

Polls showed it was a deeply unpopular idea 10 years ago when they started their political campaign.

Most people weren’t bigoted (although opponents were typecast this way), common sense and humanity’s lived experience of family simply told them that marriage was a man-woman project.

Clever political and cultural campaigns wore away at people’s instincts until they gave in.

Now rainbow activists so control the language and the media that anyone who resists their latest innovation for human identity is also a bigot.

Even recoiling in horror at the thought of a schoolgirl having her breasts surgically removed or a schoolboy having his penis lopped off is bigotry in this brave new rainbow world.

It’s not just “religious whack jobs” speaking out.

At the weekend the respected British sociologist Frank Furedi published a lengthy article in The Weekend Australian urging people to resist.

“Instead of allowing promoters of self-identification to embarrass us into silence, we have to speak out and insist that playing an identity game does not alter the hard facts of biological sex,” Furedi said.

If we don’t speak up now it will be too late.

Anyone voting Labor or the Greens from here on in is complicit with the wilful grooming and abuse of children.

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