Hate Australia curriculum to be binned

Hate Australia curriculum to be binned

Alan Tudge restores Christianity in school history, pushes back on cultural Marxism.

Finally, the Morrison Government is taking on toxic cultural Marxism in our children’s school curriculum.

In what is the most significant intervention by an education minister in decades, Alan Tudge has told the woke Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to stop teaching kids to hate Australia.

That is not hyperbole.

Back in April ACARA released a draft national curriculum that Tudge describes as teaching kids a “negative, miserable view of Australia that is not accurate nor does it instil pride”.

It told children that pride in ANZAC Day was “contestable”.

ACARA scrubbed Christianity’s contribution from the curriculum.

After a public backlash, Tudge has told ACARA to go back and re-work it.

Among other things, he demanded that Christianity’s contribution to making Australia a free and desirable society for millions of immigrants be put back in.

“It (ACARA) almost erased Christianity from our past, despite it being the single most important influence on our modern development, according to our greatest living historian, Geoffrey Blainey,” Tudge wrote in today’s Australian.

He revealed that ACARA wants kids in year two to be taught which statues of our national heroes should be torn down.

In other countries year two kids are learning their times tables but ACARA thinks that should wait until year four because analysing statues through the lens of critical race theory is more important for seven-year-olds.

Cultural Marxism is about fomenting the next revolution by brainwashing children as young as possible.

This post-modern, critical theory agenda in our educational system has left Australian 15-year-olds three years behind their counterparts in Singapore in maths.

Literacy rates are terrible for Australian kids because, in a triumph of “ideology over evidence”, Australian schools have junked phonics which teaches them to de-code the alphabet so they can read properly.

Professor Blainey has strongly backed Tudge saying: “In my view, the condemnation of this country has gone too far. There is plenty to criticise here, as in every country on earth. But Australia on the whole is a success”.

In his piece in The Australian, Tudge said:

Our Western political institutions are not always perfect but think of what they have given us: ‘one-person one-vote’ democratic government, equality before the law, freedom of association and speech, universal education, strong human rights, incredible wealth. These are very precious, and very rare institutions – rare still in the world today and particularly rare throughout human history. We cannot take that for granted.

Speaking on a Centre for Independent Studies webinar this morning, Tudge challenged critics of Australia to “find a society in all human history that is as tolerant, wealthy, free and egalitarian as Australia”.

He’s right of course, but our university-educated teacher trainers are steeped in post-modernism which rejects truth and evidence and critical theory which deconstructs the good of the past to make it seem bad.

This is the cultural Marxist project which has long-marched through our institutions for decades.

Finally, it is being pushed back.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with Lyle and the CDP, sign up here.