How the media and “modern Liberals” turned the table on religious freedom

How the media and “modern Liberals” turned the table on religious freedom

Religious freedom is now defamed and defined as oppression of gay kids.

Elites will tolerate no freedom of religion from this paradigm.

Instead of allowing Australians who do not agree with same-sex marriage or genderfluid ideology to be free, they are now type-cast as bigots.

These typically Christian and Muslim people must be driven from society.

Religious schools who, on behalf of fee-paying parents, promote marriage as one man and one woman and the biological view of gender are seen as oppressors of vulnerable children.

They are evil.

This has been the fast and furious fall-out of the religious freedoms debate, turbocharged by the Prime Minister daring to introduce a bill into Parliament yesterday to protect religious freedom.

In the wake of LGBTIQA+ political activism’s 2017 win on same-sex marriage, only conformity with the new definition of marriage and genderfluid ideology will be tolerated.

For this autocratic lobby, 2017 was winner takes all.

They might have campaigned on a platform that love is love and no one else’s freedoms would be affected, but try, as the PM did yesterday, to restore balance between competing rights and all hell breaks loose.

Anything less than conformity to the new rainbow world order is hateful bigotry as is seen by the reaction in left-leaning media and by the “modern Liberals”.

“Schools can still expel LGBTQ+ kids. The Religious Discrimination Bill only makes it worse,” blares a typical headline on an ABC website.

“Pressure to protect gay students, teachers” bleats the Canberra Times, quoting the homosexual Liberal member for North Sydney and party power-broker Trent Zimmerman.

He is lauded as a “moderate” for threatening to cross the floor while his conservative colleagues who do the same on issues about which they are passionate are pilloried as “renegades”.

The double standard is not even hidden.

A debate about restoring freedoms for religious communities to live out their beliefs has been instantly inverted so the focus is on “protecting” gays from their “bigotry”.

It’s a toxic and diabolical scenario for Christian school leaders and government MPs seeking to defend freedom of religion, association and speech.

Media grillings this week of Christian schools Australia’s Mark Spencer and assistant Attorney General Amanda Stoker were reminiscent of struggle sessions from Stalinist show trials.

Say you won’t expel gay kids or sack gay teachers and everything will be fine, you won’t go to the Gulag.

The rainbow lobby and its media backers demand that Christian schools bend to a sexual expressionism that is antithetical to what their parent communities want for their children.

This is not freedom, it is totalitarianism. It is not diversity, it is conformity. Or else.

Ironically political parties are free to discriminate in favour of staff who share their values, but many politicians will not allow a Christian or Muslim school to do the same.

A Christian school community must be forced to sit by while Johnny takes his boyfriend to the school formal, a two fingered salute to the sincerely held religious beliefs of that community. Respect? No, it is compelling a religious community to celebrate an arrogant child while he desecrates their deeply held religious beliefs about the sanctity of marriage.

Why can’t we have a tolerant society where freedom of religion and freedom of association allows different communities of interest to flourish?

But no, those religious people are bigots and deserve no tolerance, goes the thinking of the “modern Liberals”, most of Labor, all Greens and most of the mainstream media.

The modern free West was built on toleration but John Locke, probably its greatest exponent, is lost to the historical amnesia of today’s political class and ignorant media.

The Prime Minister gave a fine speech enunciating the principles of religious freedom – the forgotten principles upon which the free West was built.

“The underpinning principles of our free societies, indeed, the notion of liberty itself, Mr Speaker, draws heavily from the roots of faith,” Morrison told the Parliament.

But it wasn’t just any faith, history shows it was uniquely the Christian faith. Name a free country built on Islamic principles? Saudi Arabia? I don’t think so.

The Hindu caste system? No thanks.

Atheism? Stalin and Mao’s bloodbaths proved that doesn’t work.

The reluctance of a Christian Prime Minister to say the C word in a speech about Christianity’s undisputed place in history speaks volumes about why push back on the radical left is necessary.

While Muslims and some Jews share our conviction about marriage and the science of gender, it is Christianity the new rainbow totalitarian religion has in its sights.

It hates the idea of Christian family and community.

It knows it weaponised flawed anti-discrimination laws against Christians when it won the prize of same-sex marriage.

It knows that law was the final de-legitimisation of Christian morality in our culture.

It is not about to let go of its trophy.

The good news is that in a democracy we have the right to participate in advocating for change. This is why a strong Christian Democratic Party raising strong Christian voices in Parliament is needed now more than ever.

Lyle Shelton is Director of Campaigns and Communication at the Christian Democratic Party. To keep in touch with the CDP, please sign-up here.