If you want to know what's going on, ditch the mainstream media

If you want to know what’s going on, ditch the mainstream media

Democracy dies in darkness and a fixation with hair dye doesn’t help.

It’s too early to say Trump can prove fraud and overturn the Presidential election result, but the evidence his team is gathering is formidable.

Perhaps that’s why the mainstream media (MSM) would rather focus on hair dye and sweat.

I’ve always had a healthy scepticism of the media.

But for the first time yesterday, that turned to outright cynicism and even anger, I’m sorry to say.

Earlier I read a number of MSM accounts of the media conference President Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell gave at the Republican Party’s National Committee headquarters in Washington DC.

For the MSM, it was all about the dye-coloured sweat running down the former New York City Mayor’s face.

They portrayed the presser as a freak show with Giuliani and Powell throwing out wild allegations.

Our media, like their counterparts in the US, are running the coronation of Joe Biden despite the fact the election remains contested.

My blood pressure rose several hours later as I watched an hour of the media conference on YouTube, unfiltered.

We are not being well served by our media. Their sneering and flippant dismissal of serious allegations of electoral fraud is plain arrogant.

Our elite overlords are poking 72 million Americans in the eye. These are mostly working and middle class people who voted for Trump and who expect to have confidence in the system.

At 34 minutes in, Giuliani’s hair dye started running down his face. Undistracted he kept going, handed over to Powell, wiped his face with a hankie and kept going when it was his turn again.

I don’t know if Giuliani and Powell can prove all their claims in court but what they raise is not nothing.

We should be allowed to know what arguments they are putting forward in court.

Here is a brief precis of what I learned when I watched the media conference for myself on YouTube.

  • Trump was leading by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania on election night, only to have that whittled away after counting mysteriously stopped and tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, which were not checked for fraud, turned up. Almost all of these votes were for Biden who is now 69,000 votes ahead.
  • Giuliani has statisticians willing to testify in court to the mathematic impossibly of Trump losing his election night lead in some key battleground states.
  • More than 600,000 mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania were separated from their outside envelopes which contain the only proof the votes are from a real person, not fake. Sadly, Republican poll watchers, or scrutineers as we call them, were not allowed to inspect the separation of the naked ballot from the outside envelope. Under PA law this is illegal for obvious reasons. If chain of custody can’t be proven, there is no confidence the election is fair. These ballots should be set aside.
  • The re-count in Georgia which narrowly favoured Biden will be contested in court. This is because un-checked mail-in votes that had become separated from their outside envelopes were counted again in the recount, a pointless exercise. That’s like counting counterfeit money and adding it to one’s bank balance.
  • In Democrat leaning Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, people who had cast illegal votes were allowed to fix or “cure” them. The same opportunity was not given to voters in Republican leaning counties, Giuliani alleges.
  • In Detroit Michigan, an electoral official by the name of Jessy Jacob has signed an affidavit alleging that she was instructed by her superior to back date late mail-in ballots. These overwhelmingly favoured Biden.
  • Giuliani says he has hundreds of signed affidavits that he will lodge in court from people testifying to having witnessed significant fraud.
  • Several people will testify that in Detroit Michigan a truck rolled up at 4:30 in the morning and dropped off somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 votes - all for Biden.
  • Sydney Powell says she has evidence that the electronic Dominion voting machines used in many states were not tamper proof and that fraud has occurred on a large scale.

Media should be reporting this and doing their own investigations.

Instead, all they do is ridicule two of the finest lawyers in the US because Trump Derangement Syndrome justifies anything these days.

Sadly, everyone regardless of political persuasion, should care about allegations of electoral fraud.

That is more important than even who ultimately wins.

The media should care about this because democracy cannot function properly without an informed citizenry.

Maybe that suits the MSM.

It’s time we turned to alternative sources. Blogs like this are a good start.

Lyle Shelton is the author of I Kid You Not, Notes From 20 Years In The Trenches Of The Culture WarsYou can order your copy here.