LNP coal rift drives electricity prices up, reliability down & jobs offshore

After another day of mixed messages from the Coalition on coal, I issued this media release this morning.

The Liberal National Party must clarify what it means by a “future beyond coal” as the Resources Minister talks up Queensland coal and Tony Abbott warns the National Energy Guarantee is biased against coal.

“There are confusing messages coming from the LNP in Brisbane and the Coalition in Canberra,” Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said.

“The rift in the LNP over coal must be resolved.

“The future of affordable and reliable electricity depends on the conservative side of politics getting its act together.

“Jobs and economic development north of Tropic of Capricorn depend on this being resolved.

“The uncertainty will only cause electricity prices to continue to go up, reliability to go down and jobs to go offshore.

“Sadly the Queensland LNP is being praised by the green-left GetUp! and the Coalition federally is effectively locking new coal-fired power stations out of the proposed NEG.”

Mr Shelton’s comments come as Resources Minister Matt Canavan continued for a fifth day to rebuff state LNP leader Deb Frecklington who last week declared the party was looking to a “future beyond coal”.

Today Senator Canavan told the Courier Mail that reports of coal’s death were greatly exaggerated.

“Where does this leave the LNP state opposition?” Mr Shelton said.

“What is the LNP’s policy on coal? Why can’t Queensland develop High Energy, Low Emissions coal-fired power stations like the dozens that are being opened in Asia?

“No one seems to be able to answer these questions.”

Media Contact: Lyle Shelton [email protected]