No changes to abortion-to-birth “settings” says Morrison

No changes to abortion-to-birth “settings” says Morrison

“We are not changing any of the settings and I don’t believe we need to change any of the settings.” – Scott Morrison on Australia’s abortion-to-birth laws

It’s rare that human rights for the unborn are discussed during Australian federal elections.

Abortion is seen, by our elites, as a settled issue.

Our state parliaments have now codified the killing of unborn children to birth, virtually on demand.

Canberra forces all Australians, pro-life or not, to pay for an estimated 100,000 abortions per year through the Medicare levy.

We all have blood and dismembered foetal tissue on our Medicare cards.

Sex-selection abortion to weed out baby girls and the coercion by men of pregnant women to kill their babies is allowed in most Australian states.

But the bombshell leaking of a draft Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade case which imposed abortion on all US states, has thrust the issue into the Australian election campaign.

This caused journalists to ask Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday whether it was appropriate that his Assistant Minister for Women, Senator Amanda Stoker, had attended a pro-life march in Brisbane at the weekend.

“It’s a free country,” the PM rightly shot back, dodging the other part of the question seeking to elicit his personal view on abortion.

With the radical left and mainstream media in apoplexy in Washington DC, the travelling Australian press pack were not going to let Morrison off.

At today’s campaign press conference, Morrison was asked again whether he supported “a woman’s right to choose”.

“We are not changing any of the settings and I don’t believe we need to change any of the settings,” Morrison said.

This is effectively an election promise to keep forcing all Australians to pay for abortions, even unpopular late term abortion.

This will come as a shock to Morrison’s Christian base who expect better of a PM who goes to their churches courting their votes.

He could have stated Liberal party policy which is to allow a conscience vote on abortion while clearly expressing a pro-life view.

Tony Abbott, who was the Liberals most successful election-winning Prime Minister since John Howard, was always upfront about his pro-life, pro-woman convictions. It upset the radical Left but it never hurt the Government he led.

But Morrison sadly can’t seem to find courage.

Not knowing Roe v Wade was about to explode, former LNP member turned One Nation Senate candidate George Christensen released correspondence from Morrison dated last year where Morrison celebrated his and the government’s support for Australia's abortion-to-birth laws.

Christians have been shocked by this. We naively assume that anyone courting a Christian vote is pro-life and will stand for it in the way Senator Stoker and her colleague Senator Matt Canavan does.

Two issues our political elites did not want brought up during this campaign have now been given significant profile: the harmful transgender agenda and human rights for the unborn.

Politicians like to dodge the culture wars but mainstream Australia knows they are real and they don’t like the way activists are coming after their children.

I am not advocating throwing out the Coalition because it supports abortion. Clearly Labor and the Greens are worse and have no Stokers or Canavans in their ranks. None.

The conservative side of Australian politics needs leaders who are willing to stand up on these thorny issues, not run for cover – or worse, dash the hopes of a key constituency.

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