Scott Morrison and unborn babies

Scott Morrison and unborn babies

“This access (to abortion-to-birth) is an important element of the reproductive and sexual health services the Commonwealth government supports for Australian women.” – Scott Morrison

Like millions of Australians, George Christensen is troubled by abortion.

He is so troubled that at the weekend the former Liberal Nationals MP released pro-abortion correspondence signed by Scott Morrison.

That’s right. A Christian Prime Minister who goes to churches and mosques and openly solicits the votes of pro-life people signed a letter akin to a death warrant for hundreds of thousands of children.

Here’s the background.

Reading “Blood on our Medicare Cards”, the chapter in my book on abortion, Christensen was moved to act.

I had written about the valiant but unsuccessful efforts of Liberal state MP’s Dr Mark Robinson in Queensland and Nick Goiran in Western Australia to end the grisly practice of leaving babies who survived botched abortions to die.

Yes, it happens. The evidence is in my book and Christensen had it updated and verified by the Parliamentary Library.

It’s incontrovertible.

Launching my book in August of 2020, Christensen announced he would introduce a private members bill requiring these children to be given medical care.

Last year he made good on this and introduced the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Act 2021.

Like 99 per cent of private members’ bills it went nowhere.

But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Christensen wrote to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison seeking support to care for babies born alive after botched abortions.

Morrison’s response was the letter Christensen released at the Brisbane rally at the weekend. Here's what Morrison said:

Access to pregnancy termination services in Australia is the responsibility of states and territories and subject to their respective legislation. This access is an important element of the reproductive and sexual health services the Commonwealth government supports for Australian women, and we continue to work with the states and territories on the availability of safe and legal abortions Australia-wide.

We are committed to protecting and promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. I am proud that Australia is globally recognised in this space – it is a core part of our foreign policy and aid program, and we advocate on these issues in international fora.

These words could have been written by Labor’s abortion militant Tanya Plibersek but they came on Prime Ministerial letterhead.

(As Labor’s health spokesperson Plibersek took a policy to the 2019 to defund hospitals which declined to commit abortions-to-birth).

No mention from Morrison of the Liberal party’s policy of allowing a conscience vote on abortion.

No empathy for babies born alive and left to die, let alone the injustice of killing 100,000 babies per year in their mothers’ wombs, paid for by the taxpayer, on an industrial scale.

Now of course Labor and the Greens are much more militant than the Liberals when it comes to snuffing out human rights for unborn children.

But the Liberals and Nationals are only a whisker behind and do nothing to stop it.

Christensen recently left the LNP and is now running for an unwinnable position on Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’s Senate ticket in Queensland.

One Nation is not pro-life but its policy is against late term abortion and recognises that personhood begins in the womb.

This is light years ahead of Labor, Liberal, the Nationals and the Greens.

Unfettered by LNP discipline, Christensen released the PM’s correspondence. He should have released it when he received it last year but the pressure parties put on their own to tow the line is intense, even for mavericks like Christensen.

Now I don’t want to see Labor and the Greens in government.

But I also don’t want the Liberals to get away with being fake conservatives.

If you have principled pro-life, pro-family candidates running in your electorate or for the Senate in your state, vote for them ahead of Liberals and Nats who do not stand up.

Just make sure your preferences flow back. You control your preferences, the parties do not.

Queenslanders can give first preferences to good LNP candidates like Senators Matt Canavan and Amanda Stoker. (Canavan re-iterated his promise to introduce to stop the Medicare funding of late-term abortions). South Australians have Senator Alex Antic and Tasmanians have Eric Abetz and Clair Chandler.

Taking votes away from weak Liberals and Nationals is the only way to stop LNP Prime Ministers parroting the talking points of the radical left on government letterhead.

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