Notice re my legal defence fundraising - it's paused

Notice re my legal defence fundraising – it’s paused

But the trigger on further legal action against me could be pulled any day.

I’m so grateful to everyone who donated to my legal defence since the page went live on Monday night.

More than $12k has been raised by those of you who responded to just one Facebook post and one Tweet. Thankyou!

I have decided to pause the fundraising as there has been no further word from my accusers one week on from my appearance at the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

As many of you know, two LGBTIQA+ drag queens have commenced legal action against me alleging vilification and discrimination over a blog I posted in January.

They have 28 days from last Thursday (August 13) to take the action to the next level which is to have the matter heard before a judge at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

The drag queens are represented by the LGBTI Legal Service which over the past three years received an eye-watering $400,000 from the pockets of Queensland taxpayers.

My lawyers from the not-for-profit Human Rights Law Alliance receive no taxpayer money.

I think it is ironic and un-Australian that mainstream peoples’ taxes fund the suppression of free speech.

That’s why I have had no choice but to resort to crowd-funding and its why I’m so grateful to all of you who responded so quickly.

Monies raised so far will go the HRLA who have already incurred significant costs over several months in the lead-up to, and in representing me at, last Thursday’s compulsory QHRC conciliation.

HRLA have worked for me pro-bono and I’m grateful for their professionalism. Having them alongside me has been of great comfort to me and my family and I’m pleased, thanks to you, that they will receive some funding.

If the drag queens decide to pull the QCAT trigger on me before the 28-day period elapses, I will immediately re-commence fundraising. I will have no other choice.

In the meantime, I have an anxious wait.

I would be grateful for your prayers.