State takes daughter, labels parents “abusers” for protecting her from LGBTIQA+ ideology

State takes daughter, labels parents “abusers” for protecting her from LGBTIQA+ ideology

Things are serious.

West Australian parents protecting their daughter from LGBTIQA+ genderfluid ideology had her removed by the state and are today fighting in court for justice.

According to a report in today’s Australian, the parents have been branded by the government “as abusive and neglectful simply because they resist medicalised gender change with risks including sterilisation”.

This is chilling stuff.

Bernard Lane, one of the few journalists to take on the might of LGBTIQA+ political activism, writes:

Justice Peter Quinlan is to rule on a legal challenge in Australia’s first known case of a minor taken into care after the parents expressed doubts about the safety of cross-sex hormone treatment for their daughter who identifies as a transgender male.

Since the gender diversity requirement in the Marriage Act was abolished in 2017, LGBTIQA+ activists have aggressively stepped up their recruiting of children into genderfluid ideology.

There has been an epidemic of children presenting at controversial gender clinics around the nation seeking puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and even surgery because they were unhappy with their bodies.

Not only has a family had their daughter taken from them by the government, but free speech about gender has also been trampled through the weaponisation of flawed anti-discrimination laws.

I am being sued by two taxpayer funded anti-free speech drag queens in a case that has so far cost $70,000 (I’m grateful for the generosity of hundreds of donors who have covered my legal bills).

Many others are also in legal trouble because of their religious, scientific and common-sense views about marriage and gender.

Lane reports that overseas jurisdictions in Sweden and the UK are taking a more cautious approach to plying children with experimental sex-change chemicals.

By accepting the demands of LGBTIQA+ political activists, our nation freedom of speech and parental rights have been trashed and irreversible harm is being done to children through medicalised sex change “therapies”.

Today’s parental rights case in WA will be of concern for all parents.

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